Ghost Black Masks


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Color: Black
Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex
One Size Fits Most Adults(Unisex)
Balaclava Face Mask for: Ghost Fans and Gamers
Seal Style with White Ghost Pattern
Machine Washable
Sweat-absorbent & Warm
Breathable, Fits Perfectly Under Helmet
Full Face Protection from Head to Neck
Perfect for Outdoor Activities Such as War game, Paintball, Hunting, Cycling, Skateboarding
Package Included:1 x Skull Face Mask

Note: Different mask have different lengths, not all the same length, it will have 1-3cm length


Black Mask Balaclava Beanies Hats Men Ghost Skull Full Face Warmly Mask Hood Beanie Ggorros Hombre Casquette Bbalaclava

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