Rural Legends

Correct me if I’m wrong but from my observation, it seems that the Chinese and Malay communities in Singapore also share a common belief or rather superstition about being wary of the presence of black cats in a funeral. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to probe whether the reason behind this ‘wariness’ is …

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Have you ever heard of people keeping child spirits? They are called Toyol in malay and Gumantong in thai. In Bugis, temples on waterloo street which is commonly known as Si Ma Lu guanying temples are always crowded by onlookers curious about rituals conducted for multiple statues on table. Most of these statues are accompanied …

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This story had probably been told a million times over but i guess some facts are not exactly accurate in some and here i will try to put the pieces together in the most logical way i can. In 1995 a Taiwanese air stewardess were murdered in LA. So an steward was convicted and spent …

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