3 Feng Shui Rules Related to Ghosts and the Supernatural

A reader asked me what to do when there are “diabolical” entities in the room. Another messaged me about “cleansing” the house from ghosts and spirits.

Although Feng Shui does not really have these solutions, some Feng Shui consultants who have the ability to “sense” other-worldly beings incorporate that into their practice.

So I understand why people sometimes think Feng Shui is spiritual, supernatural, or religious. In fact, some of us are even looking for Feng Shui consultants that have that special ability. 

I want to make it clear that Feng Shui is NOT about superstition or spirituality. Therefore, spiritual consultations are NOT part of classical Feng Shui. They belong in a separate body of skills and knowledge that only a few are suitable for.

Nevertheless, Feng Shui does occasionally mention about the spiritual world. In this post, I am sharing with you three Feng Shui rules that have to do with the spiritual or supernatural realm, along with some tips to avoid attracting “ghosts” or the supernatural.

1. Northeast and Southwest are the “Gates” of the Spiritual Realm

According to some experts, the Northeast corner (45 degree on compass) is dubbed the “Outer Gate” of the spiritual realm. The Southwest (215 degree on compass), on the other hand, is the “Inner Gate” of the spiritual realm. These two corners are further said to form a straight line dubbed the “Line of the Spiritual Gates”.

I haven’t found an explicit statement on what these gates actually are or will do. But it seems to me that the Northeast and Southwest corners of a house are where the natural realm (our world) meets the spiritual realm. And, if these two corners are not dealt with properly, the home’s occupants can experience bad luck.

Here’s what I know about these “Gates” of the spiritual realm.

Not Suitable for Children’s Room

Because of the presence of these gates, some experts suggest that the Northeast area of the house is NOT suitable for children’s bedroom. This is especially true for kids under 8 years old because their physical and mental strength has yet to mature. They are more prone to disturbances and influences than their adult counter-parts.

If kids under 8 have their bedroom under this area, they may frequently wake up in the middle of the night, disturbed or scared. Their sleep will be affected, and both their physical and mental growth will be negatively impacted.

Don’t sweat if your child’s bedroom happens to be under these areas because there are always cures in Feng Shui.

The simple solution is to move your child’s bedroom to another room, preferably in a favorable position according to their Kua. If that’s not possible, try to avoid placing the bed in the northeast corner of the northeast bedroom. The same applies to the southwest bedroom.

Not Suitable for Certain Adults

This area doesn’t apply to just kids. It also applies to some adults as well.

When an adult is sick or physically weak, some experts suggest that the person should avoid both of those areas. This is because the spiritual realm contains excessive Yin energy that can take away a person’s Yang energy. (perhaps the same way how a black hole sucks in light) The less Yang energy the person has, the weaker the person is. I think this statement is mostly based on experience.

Adults that are going through an “bad luck” should also avoid sleeping in this area. I think this, again, is mostly based on experience.

From the stories I’ve heard, a person would experience a lot of troubles when a ghostly spirit is “following” them for a variety of reasons. In a short period of time, they would get a flat tire, get robbed, have machines breaking around them, and be burdened with all sorts of similar troubles. Only when they visit a temple (or someone who has the sixth sense) would they find out that they are being followed.

Not Suitable for Floating Objects

Some experts suggest that we avoid placing anything that “floats” in the Northeast and Southwest corners of the house.

The basis of this statement comes from the idea that “floating” things or beings will attract spiritual entities. One of these “floating” objects are fishes. Therefore, fish tanks for Feng Shui purposes are not suitable in this area because their swimming motion make it seem as if they are floating.

2. Weeping Willow Trees Bring Yin Energies

A few experts (mostly from Asia) broadly states that weeping willow is just bad Feng Shui and should be avoided. Others go on saying that it can cause great misfortune.

In the Chinese language, the character for willow has the same pronunciation as “flow” or “leak” (both “flow” and “leak” share the same character). That’s why some say that the tree can bring loss of wealth, becomes it symbolizes wealth leaking or flowing away.

Explanations using “similar sounds” are NOT legit (at least I don’t think so). It’s the same line of reasoning where the number “four” should be avoided because it sounds like death. I think this is pure superstition, and Feng Shui is NOT a superstition.

What I somewhat agree is that willow tree attracts Yin energy, despite the fact that it is a life form and belongs to Yang. The reasoning is because of the downward growth, and that the branches dangle whenever it moves. Maybe that movement mimics the “floating” objects as mentioned earlier.

Other plants that’s said to attract Yin energy include Basho Trees and plants that crawl up on walls. These are said to be NOT suitable for residential Feng Shui.

There is also a saying that the Yin energy of the willow tree will be multiplied if it’s right next to the water. I’m not sure how this works, but I would suggest that we avoid these plants in your house altogether. There’s no point in challenging these rules at your own expense.

3. Graveyards and Cemeteries are Extremely Yin

Graveyards and cemeteries are considered Feng Shui hazards. These places are extremely Yin because of the stillness and quietness of the place, along with the fact that the dead are buried. These are the kinds of energies that spook some of us. These are the kinds of energies that is said to attract “ghosts”. Hospitals and retirement centers are similar because they are places where people pass away. However, their Yin energy are not as profound as graveyard and cemeteries.

How cemeteries and graveyards affect us differ by individual. Some people who are more “sensitive” would get bothered by this place easily. Others who have overwhelming Yang energies (such as young males) would not get bothered. There are also a few people who think living next to a cemetery is pleasant because of its quietness and ease of parking.

The size of the graveyard or cemetery determines the strength of its Yin energy. For instance, a large cemetery with one house around could be adversely impacted by its Yin energies. Conversely, a small cemetery in the middle of a lively city would seem less spooky because of the overwhelming Yang energies (those of the living) that surround it.

If you live next to a graveyard or cemetery, some experts suggest that you place a calabash on the side of the wall that faces the cemetery or graveyard. The color and material of the calabash to be used differ by the direction of where the graveyard is located relative to your house. However, I have my doubts on how well this works. Is it really that simple? The best cure is still to avoid living close to a graveyard or cemetery.

Some experts suggest calabash as a Feng Shui cure for those living next to graveyards or cemeteries.

Some experts suggest using calabash as a Feng Shui cure for those living next to graveyards or cemeteries.

There are also other objects that are said to expel evil, such as the Feng Shui Qi Lin, the Bagua Mirror, and the stone lions. Just like the calabash, I too have doubts on how well they do against evil spirits.

A Note on Figurines and Statues

Some Feng Shui tips suggest that you place a statue or figurine somewhere in your house as a Feng Shui cure. Although these tips are sometimes considered religious do not belong to classical Feng Shui, I agree that some statues can bring us a peace of mind.

But let me warn you that you should be careful when choosing your statues or figurines.

According to stories I’ve heard, if you burn incense, bring offering, or pray to that statue, it can get enchanted. Once the statue is enchanted, spiritual beings can dwell inside. This, however, only applies to objects that have a human face.

The stories go further as to what kinds of spiritual beings would live inside the statue. Some say if you pray with evil intentions, evil spirits will reside and can bring you trouble. If you pray with devotion and compassion, blessed spirits will reside and would protect you.

If you abruptly stopped praying or making offerings to that statue, it is said to become an empty “house” for the spirits. In other words, any kind of spirit can enter and reside within. This should definitely be avoided, because the presence of these spirits can take you through periods of “bad luck” as mentioned earlier.

That’s why you should be careful with what statues you buy. If you decide to buy one from an antique store, it is wise to get to the bottom of its history. But if you’re just buying a figurine off the shelf of a retail store, then you should have nothing to worry about.


Classical Feng Shui is about analyzing the Form and the Compass with the goal to better our living. It makes rare mentions about the spiritual world.

However, the Feng Shui rules mentioned above may be a result of Feng Shui’s integration with the Chinese culture, where stories of unexplainable phenomenon or paranormal activities are prevalent.

If you do experience any of these, remember that Feng Shui is NOT your best solution. You will have better luck seeking out spiritual masters, exorcists, or even following space cleansing tips.

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