5 Hungry Ghost No-No’s That You Should Definitely Avoid

The Hungry Ghost Festival is over and for the new foreign students studying in Singapore, you might be confused about what was happening. The Chinese have Hungry Ghost Festival (also known as Zhong Yuan Jie in Chinese), which is likened to Halloween of the Americans. This is the time where the Chinese believes that the souls of the dead are believed to roam the earth.

According to customs, offerings are made to the spirits/ghost in order to keep them from mischief. Here are 5 things to NOT do during the period that would probably save you from any ghostly encounters.

1. DO NOT tamper or disturb the offerings that are already laid out in their place

This is one of the most important steps as tampering or disturbing the offerings may agitate the spirits as they will see it as a sign of disrespect. This can cause you very bad luck for the rest of the year or having an unwelcome follower and “guest” in your home.

2. Do not stay out too late during the hungry ghost month

If you are someone that is very familiar with the nightlife, the period of Hungry Ghost Festival wouldn’t be a good time for late night outings. It would be advised to be home before dark.

3. If you see a coin or something valuable on the floor do not pick it up

It is believed that a ghost might be playing a prank or you. Or for worst cases, if you come in physical contact with the item it will be some sort of a gateway for the ghost to possess you as it craves for a live human vessel.

4. Do not play music loudly especially when you’re walking at night

This can attract spirits to follow you. Aside from playing music out loud, refrain from whistling and singing out loud as well. It will be nice to have fans that appreciate your talent but won’t it be better if they were alive and visible to the naked eye?

5. If you’re coming home from somewhere that has certain mystical or ghostly “history”, do not go straight home

This actually applies whether or not it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival just that especially this time, it is more important. If you go straight back home there is a chance something may have followed you. So, it is advised to hang around somewhere first, preferably somewhere with a lot of people.

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