A Haunted Dartboard

When I was about 10 years old, my uncle was renting a house in a denver suburb. We’d go and see him pretty much every weekend, and party and stuff, but my parents would never let me stay the night, and we always left shortly after sundown. Also, there was at least one picture of Jesus hung in every room, and multiple crucifixes in every closet. Being 10 at the time, I thought nothing of it.

It turns out that they had a very nasty poltergeist in that house, that did some fucked up shit. My uncle’s told me stories about how he’d wake up in the dead of night, and find my cousin’s door stuck shut. He tried to force the door once, but as he put his shoulder into it, he heard what he described as ‘the most bloodcurdling growl imaginable’ coming from behind the door. He turned around and went back to bed. He also said things would rearrange themselves at night.

A favorite target seemed to be his dartboard in the basement. He would find 10 or 15 darts in the board in the morning, nothing unusual, but for the fact that he’d taken all the darts out of the dartboard and closed the cabinet it was in the night before. Oh, and he also said you could sometimes see a faint suggestion of glowing red eyes staring down the hallway leading into the bedroom on some nights. Needless to say, he moved out of that house.

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