Well, in the school there is a library, it is said that when the library is not open yet and the light is not switch on, try not to look inside the library from outside cos it is told that when you look inside you will see someone inside the library even thought the door is lock or if you are unlucky enough, you can even see him looking at you from inside or even worst you will see your own refection with someone beside you even there is no one beside you…So beware when you look inside. I did look inside before but lucky for me, the most only see someone moving inside the library reading books….

Then for the new basketball court we have. The field was haunted. People has seen black shadows moving around the basketball court at a camp this year when they are told to sleep at the basketball court. Then one boys is believe to be….(you know la), he was wondering around and was caught by the instructors when he tries to walk out of the basketball court to some other parts of the school.

Before that we have a greatest “fire drill” we ever have….Then we found the lecture room from the D&T block has the light switched on even no one has gone there to switch on the light. Who wants to go there to have their meeting at that time when it is at about 10 something ?

I still remember after the camp, when i go to buy things at night, i saw the swing near my house was swinging as there is someone playing with it but it was 12++ liao…… so what u think?

Well before i end, i have a question, why most schools are haunted? And are there really so many ghost around ?

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