Be Wary

For those who live at the Klang Valley, the Kuanching Girls’ School should sound familiar. The school is situated by the busy Federal Highway and it is a popular spot for mysterious accidents, which more often than not, claimed the lives of its victims. Supposedly, it is a ‘very haunted’ part of the highway.

This girl happens to be one of the unlucky, or perhaps lucky since she survived to tell the story, who had an accident at that spot.

There was a farewell party and there was plenty of fun that night. Soon everyone was leaving. Jane also bid farewell to her host and left on her new car. She recalled she did not have any alcoholic drink that night and she was convinced that she was not driving under the influence of alcohol.

Everything seems perfect that night. It was not too hot and there weren’t so many cars around since it was rather late by then. Deep in her, she just can’t wait to get back to the nice warm bed after a tiring outing. Nonetheless, being a careful driver she always was, she kept an eye on the speedometer to make sure she did not exceed the speed limit. She was cruising finely on the middle lane until she came to the infamous spot — Kuanching Girls’ School.

As she was approaching the school, she suddenly saw something appearing in front of her. Jane could not make up what the thing was but its appearance was very blur and unclear, as if there was a thick cloud of mists covering it. She swerved the car left to avoid the thing that appeared in front of her. Due to the speed of the car and the hard swerve, the car flung to the side, hit a tree, shot up into the air and landed on the ground upside down.

Thanks to the seat belt, Jane was not terribly hurt but she was still inside the upside-down car. She stood still not knowing what to do. Then, the air-con blew out brown gas and the only thought that came to her was that the car might explode. She took off her seat belt and force her way out of the car as fast as she could. Her whole face was covered with blood and she was terribly shaken.

She could not recall what happened next. Apparently, a by-passer had driven her to the hospital and called the police. Later, she consulted a medium and was told what had actually happened. The medium told Jane that the hazy object she saw on that night of the accident was the ghost of a student who had the same birth date as Jane. She was trying to take Jane’s life as she was passing through the area. The medium could not state what was the motive.

Jane urged every driver driving through that area to be extra careful and be more alert… just in case!

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