Boon Lay Avenue BLK 187

This encounter I’m telling you this happened to me about 6 years ago, when I bought my current flat in Boon Lay Avenue Blk 187.

It didn’t bother me much and I’ve already forgotten about this encounter till recently I met my neighbor, let’s call him MY. Anyway it was a sweet encounter and recalling this, I miss my gorgeous female ghost.

I bought my current flat from a neighbor who stay few doors away from my parents flat, but frankly speaking I hardly knows them except they’ve a pretty daughter who committed suicide after being jilted by boyfriend, unsure if she committed in this flat or elsewhere, anyway though stay on same floor for 15yrs, hardly see her, but she is really gorgeous, nice body contours and pretty looking face.

When I first moved in I was staying alone for the first 3 months or so, during which I always switch on radio and TV till I fell asleep. The funny thing is when I woke up in the morning, sometimes the radio will auto turn off but not the TV. Months later my sister moved in too, and the problem continue. Out of curiosity, I question my sis if she ever turn off my radio after I fell asleep, and she always reply no. Anyway it was a stupid question to ask, since I always locked my bedroom door even before I sleep, and I used the master bedroom with toilet attached.

Months later I change my radio set for a new one with DVD player, as my sis claim it may be old radio faulty, but still the problem persist. I started taking note and recorded each time this happen, after about one month plus, I realized the turning off, usually happens only on Fri and Sat, and also only when I turn on English channels, same for TV, usually I watch Mandarin channel program but after I started my recording I sometimes purposely turn on TV to English channels before I go to sleep, and the weird thing when I woke up in the morning it will auto switch off, perhaps some ghost in my flat don’t understand English or dislike English songs and programmes. Anyway these incident never really bothers me.

Sometimes later, my mum notice that I always have scratches on my hand, and I’ll joking tell her yea scratches by ghost in my flat. Anyway during that few years I used to be a heavy drinker, so sometimes after drinks comes home too lazy to shower just go to sleep, so maybe I scratched myself in my sleep. However the scratches did not only appear on my hands, sometimes on my chest, thigh and back, but no love bites. During these times I sometimes dream of making out with a pretty lady, but never really get to see her face.

On one of those nights when I return after heavy drinking, I actually slept naked, and on that night again dream of making out with this same pretty lady but this time I get to see her in full, she was simply gorgeous. The next day when I woke up again there were plenty of scratches all over my body and soon after I fell sick, I was running high fever, and was on medical leave for almost a week, actually it took me almost 2 weeks to fully recover.

When I was on medical leave, I met my neighbor MY whom we use to play basketball during our teens years. During the conversation he realize which unit I was currently staying and to my surprise, the pretty lady who committed suicide was his ex classmate, and after hearing my story he curiously ask if I would like to ascertain if the gorgeous lady in my dreams was her, as he claim he got some photos of her, so I went to his flat.

When he show me the photos, to my horror it was the same gorgeous lady I make out with in my “dreams”, on my confirmation my neighbor MY suggest I seek advise from some temple medium, but since both of us wasn’t familiar which temple to go seek for advise and if you’ve read my above stories, you’ll understand it didn’t really bothers me, but only sweet memories.

After I went home, I simply put some steel nails in small plastic and hang them on my bed, top and four sides, since then till today I haven’t encounter this gorgeous lady ghost in my so call “dreams” anymore, and also no more scratches. Perhaps why I fell sick was because she was sucking my “qi” away, luckily I met MY in time or I may not be writing this encounter for you people to read.

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