Brunei Experience

During the 90s, I worked in Brunei for a couple of years. Although I never experienced anything supernatural, my best friend did. We all lived in KB, me on the beach side, her on the jungle side. One night, my friend and her brother were woken by a strange noise in their room, as my friend looked up, she saw a hand walking across the room, no other body parts, just a hand (yes, am well aware its all rather the addams family). She asked her brother if he also the same thing as she did and he replied he did. As the hand scurried around the room, it vanished.

Their reasoning behind the lonely scurried hand was that as with most expats, they had an Iban maid and it was some sort of Iban cursing. They didn’t stay in the house very long, don’t think their short stay was due to the hand, but every house they have lived in around the world has had some sort of supernatural moment. Even now, nearly 30 years after the event, she recalls the story. As for anduki beach, well, it was rather scary at night time….

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