Children Of Tekong

Back in the days when there were civilian life on the island, children run about the wilderness playing their games like CATCH, CHATEK and many other kumpung games which i am sure many parents can fondly remember.

Those were the days before the Armed Forces took over the island as a training ground. Now, if you are a soldier having training in the deep jungles of the island, I am positive that you can stumble across some evidence of kumpung life in many areas.

Items like a torn rubber slipper, rusty kettles, broken table legs, childrens` clothings, and occasionally the tattered books left behind by the children when they left the island more than twenty years ago, can be found.

I guess all these items add to the chillingness to the “already-eerie” Tekong forests. I mean, you will never know who had used these items before…. or are using them still….

Let`s talk about children, since they are lively angels who are innocent and oblivious to the cruel reality of the world.

Any experienced soldier who had been to Tekong should have experienced or lat least heard of stories of children sighted running, playing and laughing while playing their games on the island.

You can ask me, “Hey, what`s wrong with a couples of children having fun with each other playing games? Aren`t you supposed to be writing a ghost story?”

Well, haven`t you not realised? That Tekong is supoosed to be a military training island. It is not supposed to have any children playing and laughing in the deep jungles of the island???

If so, where did all these children come from?

Neighbouring countries?

Well, i am pretty sure that they can`t swim as well as the occasional elephants or tigers from the North, right?

How about looking at this issue from another perspective? That these children belong to this beautiful island. They are from the past? That they never left their homes? That they are still oblivious to the fact that they have long ago left this beautiful world. That they are stuck in the island…


I remembered one incident which i overheard from an ex-classmate that while he was on a training trip in Tekong, he was given a recce assignment with his group in the middle of the night.

They were trekking slealthly through this palm plantation on the north-eastern part of the island. Their objective was this large open ground to the eastern side of the island near the old and desserted Malay school situated just beside the eastern pier. This place is strongly believed to be very haunted.

My friend, Tat, and his section were moving very discreetly in the plantation. It was important to do so, as they do not want the enemy force to notice their presence and thwart their plans.

Soon, they came to a point where they started to split and moved individually. They had done so, because they believed that this will increase the chance of success as well as that they were all very familiar with the whole place.

Tat had his night vision goggles on. He could see very clearly in the dark plantation. He was actually enjoying this mission. He crept from trees after trees…

Then he froze!

In front of him, a group of children still in their school uniforms, were happily running towards him in a row! Their hands were on each others` shoulders. They were grinning from ears to ears… They were singing a song and skipping as if they were making their way to or from school….

Tat, being a brave guy, squated down motionless. However, he revealed he was praying they did not see him. He was perspiring and breathing heavily, but he continued to squat there motionlessly… this, while the children had passed by him one by one…..

He knew very well what they are… but he was hoping they did not see him…. he remembered that once, an experienced seargent-major had told him that those THINGS and us are from different dimensions. Thus, he hoped they could not see him.

“What tough luck!” He muttered to himself in silence. It was definitely the most tormenting moment of his life.

He could almost see the childrens` faces as they hopped past him… all of them seemed oblivious to his presence…

When the last one skipped past him, Tat decided to count to ten for them to move far enough before he will start dashing away….

…nine….tennn…. he took a deep breath… then he realised the singing was gone…. he continued to be motionless… comtemplating on his next move…

Out of curiosity, Tat foolishly turned his head slowly….

Through his night-vision goggles, everything he saw was in green…. To his horror… the whole brunch of the children were standing in a line facing him… all of them had a sinister grin on his / her face……. evrything started to dim and soon Tat blacked out…


When he woke up… Tat found himself at the very spot where he saw the children. He was still terrified. the scene he saw the previous night could not have been true if he did not see a brown cloth school bag lying just beside him!!!

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