Creepy School

My XX secondary school was once a hunted school too . Heard that one of the forth floor girls toilet was “Out of bound” to everyone .In the past , i heard that there was a pregnant women who had commit suicide in the old fashion toilet where students have to squad and to flush the toilet , we have to pull the long string to wash those waste again . and then just because of this underage female student who got pregnant by a guy , she was down with depression and decided to die one of the toilet . She uses something to force her unformed baby out from her womb and flush it down first before she killed herself !!!

after flushing down , she then uses the long string to hang herself. As time pass, student studying in this school still could hear baby crying at night and a girl sobbing in the locked toilet especially during camps such as UG camps, until now, it’s still exist.

Some of the hunted stories are also heard coming from this school. there was a sec 1 boy who had died at the last staircase of our fourth floor where the last door to the roof top. People had seen the dead boy’s spirit during their camp especially when we have a session which was called the “solo night”, where guys have to be alone at one hunted spot of the school whereas girls have to pair up to go through this after 1pm till 5pm,this lesson also have objectives and aim too and not to scared people . Continue from the story, people who had gone through solo night like me, had seen bells ringing when midnight struck. people would see the spirit and when they got up there, it will disappeared and found a yellow bell on the floor.

Another story was at our D&T room on the second floor, heard that someone had accidentally cut himself or something and had died . i was assigned to outside of this D&T room with one of my platoon mates. we heard train player and machine beig started in the room. my friends heard foot steps walking around the corridor and “something” talking to him by his ears.

Home-econ was also haunted as people said there were utensils flying around when time passes 12am.

our school was attracted to spirit and so we heard about alot of rumours from there and our seniors too.

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