Curiousity Killed The Cat

It was a friend’s birthday party which was held at Costa Sands ECP. He rented a chalet and had a barbecue where most of his cousins and friends were there. All of us were having tons of fun and after 12 midnight some of them went home and a few left behind to stay for the night.

One of my friend’s cousin,K,decided that he wanted to look for ghosts as he was getting bored. He decided to check out a tree at the end of the resort area where it was rumoured to be haunted. The tree is quite big and creepy even in day time so imagine how it would look in night time.

So he went with his friend,M, to search for the particular tree. As he was walking towards the tree, M, spotted a black figure peering it’s head out while hiding behind the tree. The figure was totally black and he did not see any eyes. As the lights were dim, K couldn’t see the creature so M flashed his torchlight at the direction of the creature. K was thrilled when he saw the black figure’s head peering out from the tree looking at them. Fortunately, the figure did nothing except to look at them.

Both K and M returned to the chalet to tell us what they saw. Due to the adrenaline, K wanted see some more because he wasn’t satisfied yet. Then K’s brother told him to go to the Bedok jetty to check out the area because it was also rumoured to be haunted. Without haste, K and M set out yet again to quench their thirst for the unknown.

Upon reaching the jetty, they sat down at one of the stone benches to take in the cool wind. There were people fishing at the jetty. After sometime, K started to feel uneasy as if something or someone was looking at him. He told M what he was feeling and M agreed that he sensed it too. They both decided to make their way back.

As they were walking back, they heard dogs howling. They began to get scared and the cold wind blowing didn’t help much either. Then K turned around for he sensed that someone was following them. Strangely, there was no one. They began to freak out because the dogs started howling even louder and there were no dogs visible around them. K then felt an over powering urge to look behind. As he turned his head round slowly… Wham! He felt as if someone or something hit him hard on the forehead. Without even turning back, he just ran leaving M to chase after him. He ran so fast that he kept on stumbling and M had a hard time catching up with him.

When he reached our chalet, i could see that he was scared. When he related to us his story, we all laughed. That was until he showed us a big bump on his forehead. Only then did we realise that he wasn’t joking. He was really scared and he kept saying that it was a miracle the ‘thing’ didn’t follow him to the chalet.

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