Experiences In Kranji Secondary

I always thought those ghost stories my friends told me were fake. People always tell me that Kranji Secondary School was haunted. I heard stories about the F&N room, the D&T room. I didn’t believe it at first. Let me start off with my first story.

I participated in my CCA camp last year. It was supposed to be an enjoyable camp, but it changed my thought of seeing those stuffs. I remember it was at night, and the teacher allowed me and my group to go off for an early shower session after our dinner. So before dinner, I went back class all alone to take my towels clothes and toiletries. The class I stayed was at the 3rd floor. I remember very clearly that I turned on all the lights on that floor. But by the time I came out it was all pitch black again. I thought someone went to off it. On my way down I went and check the switches. It was switched off. Okay I thought went to off it. So I went down for my dinner. During my dinner I went around asking everyone if they went up. Everyone were too busy with their dinner so no one went up. I starting to feel weird. But that was still not the case.

After dinner, me and my 3 other friends went for shower. I went to the canteen toilet and went to the first cubicle on the left. I was the first one to finish my shower. As I unlock the door, I could not open the door! I thought the door was faulty, but I went in that particular cubicle so many times and nothing went wrong. So I asked my friend for help. My friend kick the door open. I went out ,but feeling weirder this time round. Why 2 funny incident happened? After dinner I continue other activities with my friends .

After so many activities for the day, it was time for bed. Before bed I ate some cheezels with my friends. So afterwards I went to brush my teeth with my friend. We went back class afterwards. We went to sleep. As my friend was afraid to bump into those stuffs at night, I told her just in case if she wants to go toilet, she just wake me up so I can accompany her.

At round 1+, my friend woke me up coz she wants to go to the toilet. So I accompany her to the toilet. As our bunk was near the toilet opposite the bio lab, we want to go there as it was near the our bunk. I saw a few tables outside the toilet, but I have no idea. I thought it was supposed to place there as the class needed some space. As I was about to cross over the tables, my other friends in the bunk came out and stop me. My other friends told me to go to the other toilet on the floor. I don’t know why, but I just go to the other toilet with my friend. On my way back to bunk, I suddenly felt so cold like never before. I started to have goosebumps. My friend felt very cold, so we went back very quickly. On our way back we went past the bio lab, and that was when I saw a face in there. It has a white face and black lips. I stood rooted to the ground. My friend knew what I saw and she ran. I pull her back and told her not to run as the ghost will eat our fear. We slowly walk back and I even attempt to so call test the ghost. I want to make sure what I saw was real, so I walk front and back continuously. The ghost was staring at me like in that lol face, and I went back to bunk. As I lay on my place, I kept hearing crying voice of a women and a boy. The rest of the night I can’t sleep because of the crying and I even heard machinery noises. Next day was oral exam and I was really tired. The camp was horrible…3 weird incident happened in one night at a place which everyone talks about all the time.

The second story I wanted to share was what I experienced during my night studies before my prelim and N level exam this year. Before prelims I had to stay for night studies. Nothing weird happen until the last day of night study. It was the end of the night study, so me and classmate went home together afterwards. Outside school we were talking about our day in sch, when both of us felt there was someone following us. We turn back and saw this brown figure who was like running to us! We ran real quick although I knew I shouldn’t. When we turned back the figure was gone. So scary.

The N level night studies just happened two days ago. The first day was already horrible, because ever since the moment I went back school from dinner at lot one I have this very strong headache. I realized I have this headache too whenever I pass by cemeteries and other weird places. I QA sitting at the bench at the first floor near the lab. I can’t believe that I saw the same ghost I saw at the camp last year. And this time my other two friends aw it too. Omg it was mind blowing. During class my headache was so strong. I saw a black figure just went past my class. I felt really sick during the night study in school, but the moment when I stepped out the school I felt normal again.

The second day of night study was normal, except the fact that my headache was very strong too. But the third day, which was the last day, was horror. I was at the 2A1 classroom that day and my headache was so strong I was shot on the head. I decided to close my eyes and rest. After closing my eyes I had some very weird visions. I see some hanging and had a vision that was a black figure staring at my house. When I open my eyes I even saw 2 white figures and 1 black figure standing outside the class. The place I sat was able to see the field and I saw a lady in white standing there near the stairs. It was like so clear! After class my friend came to my class. She told me she felt really weird especially the window I saw the ghost. I told her what I saw too. I went home that night feeling very sick. But the next day I felt better.

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