Freaky Pulau Ubin

We were camping roughly around the North area of PU (Pulau Ubin for short) I recall it was called North Beach, anyway, I was there for a CCA leadership camp. And it sucked like hell.

The training was tough, we couldn’t complain, we were stared. Yea, I see alot of leadership in that O_O” Anyways, we were about to go to the NPCC campsite, it was quite a distance away, and we needed a refill on drinkable water.

It just so happened that I was my group’s water boy on that day. It was the last day of the camp, so everyone was in high spirits, we simply threw a banquet, cooking up all the uncooked food left. Anyways, back to my “holy” duty. I gathered my group’s bottle and joined the line that was slowly forming. There were roughly 14 water boys, including me, the rest was there to enjoy peeing or taking a dump at an actual toilet instead of a “shithole” or the nearby, ‘dead’ toilet that the girls use. *which, having been there (I’ll relate it later), I’ve sworn off PU for quite a long time*

As we were being lead by our one of our camp ICs, we all called him BD *Bulldog*, as we were about a stone’s throw away from the campsite, leaves rustled to the left, it was from the forest, and out came something alien. I was beside BD and joking with him, so I caught a full sight of it as BDs torchlight was lighting the ground infront of us.

“Oh shit! wild boar! Run!”

I saw BD panicked as he chased everyone away, I however stood dumbstruck for a minute before he yanked my collar and threw me running. I ran, ran all the way to the ‘dead’ toilet on the hill, and hid there, soon after my friend joined me. After the chaos had calmed down somewhat, we exited the toilet. The rest had calmed down alot. the water refill was called off and we were forced back to camp, but before I could actually take a step towards the camp. *The ‘dead’ toilet was on a hill overlooking the entrance to our campsite*.

“F**k! Run, don’t look behind!”

My friend urged me, I quickly ran, fearing another wild boar. As soon as we reached back camp, my friend fainted. I was assigned to take care of him. So I did. *I didn’t want to bitch about it and do 100 pushups, with claps included.*

Anyway, as soon as my friend woke up, she grabbed my head and pulled it as close as I could restrain from getting my lips touching hers. *Damn I should’ve just kissed her, she was pretty hot*

“The toilet is haunted…”

I knew something was wrong straightaway. After seeing that so-called “wild boar” I confront BD, he simply brushed it away. threatening me to give me the worse set of PT the next morning if I didn’t shut up.

The night went on, me tending to my friend, whom ad her eyes tightly closed, but I knew she was awake, because she kept breathing in deeply and jump at every little sudden sounds. I let her hold my hand, she was really cold and clammy.

“Don’t let go…please…”

I recalled her pleading to me, and so I was, stuck, my hand in another girl’s hand, throughout the night, with no sleep. BD kept himself awake with me, we had coffee ad chatted about various issues *I recalled one was about Yaoi and Japanese women, even we had a conversation on Transvestites*

AS soon as I got on to the boat leaving PU, my friend still holding my hand. BD boarded the boat with me, since me, her and him was the last three, we were alone on the boat trip back. I confronted BD again, he shrugged and explained what he saw.

“You sure you want to know?”

“Duh! I’m pretty sure I saw what you saw…”

What I saw, was not a wild boar, but some hunched-back animal, what was freaky about it was its legs were the usual pig-like, but more human hand and feet. I told him what I saw and he shrugged.

“I saw it’s face…it was a guys…”

Chills really went down my spine, even now in fact. My friend whispered to me, I got closer to her, then I heard it.

“The toilet was full of hanged corpses, and one was trying to grab me…”

I swore i pissed myself, but my bowel held, thankfully.

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