Genting Highlands

Ok, this is my true account of my stay in Genting Highlands Resort in the year 1999.

I was there with my sister and 2 cousins. While travelling on the bus to Genting, my cousin, Serene, keep pestering me that she have a ghost story to tell me, that happened in Genting. I didn’t really bother with it in the first place because I don’t believe in ghost.

But anyway, the trip was fun. Until one night.. Because me and my sister was hungry and craving for some night snacks, we went to the first lift on the left down to B6, where they sell hot burger at night. We’ve been there for like twice every year, so we know the area well… But I couldn’t exactly remember which lobby because there were 2 lifts that looked the same. And fealing so hungry, I just jumped right onto the lift that came up first…

Then my sister starts telling me…

‘Eh.. I feel strange leh.. Like something watching me…’

Being abit on the ‘slow’ side and thinking that she might be playing a fool with me, I said

‘Siao ah… No video camera around here what…’ I looked around.

Then suddenly ‘DING!’… It was B4.. And my sister saw somebody dressed in Genting highlands uniform trying to come into the lift but being mischevious, I quickly shout to my sister …

‘Ehh… press ‘CLOSE’.. quick, don’t let him come in! hahaha..’ We thought that was fun… But soon, its another story that scare the hell outta me.

We came to B6… There was no burgers! And there is a kinda gate like door that shops used to close down their shop. If you know what I mean. Those aluminium kind. It was right behind me and I thought.. ‘Damn, I came to the wrong floor!’.. I was thinking maybe we can pull up the ‘gate’ and get into the other side.. But it couldn’t be pull up. Its locked. Then I lie on the floor and see whats opposite…

I see alot of feet shuffling to and fro.. And people shouting this and that.. And talking. It was like a typical night market kinda place.

But we were TRAPPED!

My sister said.. ‘hey.. lets go up now and don’t stay here any longer…’ And we went into the lift. But it couldn’t go up! It keeps sounding ‘ding! ding!’ on the floor that we were at. This time. I was scared. Real scared. I look for a staircase. There I was! I saw a staircase at the right side of the lobby. It had discarded cardbox all over the stairs.. And I told my sister.. Hey, lets go up by this way… But it was too dirty…

Suddenly.. we heard a ‘ding!’ in the middle lift. (There were 3 lifts altogether. We’ve tried it, doesn’t work). 2 malay service men came down to our rescue. He looked pale. So do we. Said he..

‘What are you girls doing down here?!’ His voice were shivering, I could hear them.

We replied.. ‘Oh, we’re looking for burgers…’

‘This ain’t the place for burgers! Its the other lift!’

‘oh shit…’ was all we could say… He bring us back to the lobbby.

Frightened, we took at seat at the lobby… Gee.. we were pale thinking that we couldn’t have come out alive there! We were sitting in the lobby talking about it for like 1/2 hr before I saw my cousin Serene. We told her the incident.

‘Omigod!’ was all she could said. Then she told us the story that she wanted to tell me yesterday… She told me that her friend’s uncle is an exorcist.. Those that helps to chase away the spirits. Apparently, he was being asked to Genting at the same B6 lobby to do a ritual for an old women who commited suicide there. Because of that, that level was not for access.

Suddenly, there is goosebumps on my body while I was telling you this. But this is a true story… No wonder my sister felt something watching her. She always have this kinda fealing that is why I don’t believe her. But after this incident, boy was I amazed at what she can do.

As for the man who tried to come in at the B4 level, he was the service man that is trying to stop us from accessing the B6 floor. But how we get there, we have no idea. They were surprised that we could get into B6 because the lift were fixed to stopped only at B4 after the suicide of the old lady.

Now, no wonder there were 2 men coming down to rescue us. Guess they need each other’s company too.

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