Haunted Anglo Chinese School

There is the swimming pool murder and the clock tower suicide. A boy broke up with his ex-girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend was angry and knowing he has night study she came in on a Thursday night and waited for him to finish night study. She then blindfolded him and covered his mouth and handcuffed him from behind and dragged him to the pool and dropped him into the deep end. He did not know how to swim.He did not survive.

As she was leaving the campus,a force dragged her to the 2nd level oc the clock tower and she jumped inside.

Now during UG camps we go to these places(alone or in groups depending on your UG). As I was there for NPCC camp, I had to go to the swimming pool and clock tower as part of the ‘how brave are you’ challenge. I had to use the toilet and saw these words on the toilet wall ‘It’s not over you little b****'(word was NOT censored and I’m pretty sure you know what is that word)in BLOOD!

Then we went to the clock tower. The orange light was on but the floor seemed grey and musty. And then,some ang moh voice said:’What happened to the school I founded?’in a sad tone.I turned around and saw the statue of Oldham crying blood. I ran away as fast as I could.

The rest of the evening went on as normal until it was lights out.

I saw a black figure that jumped off the top floor of the primary school block and walked as per normal after he jumped.

I mean how could it be possible?I was sure cause the school keeps the lights on 24/7. And I saw him run towards the secondary school block on the 3rd floor. And earliers incident kept on replaying on my mind. Then I heard him say ‘Come grow old along with me the best is yet to be?’I fainted on the spot and I was immediately sent to KKH A&E. I mean its the age gap. It’s over a hundred years old. And how could an 150++ year old man be so agile. Even the current students would not be as agile as him. This happened many years ago but still continues to haunt me. Everytime I hear that or ‘Our hearts our hopes our aims are one’it reminded me of the incident. Wow I didn’t know Oldham would rise up from the grave when something bad happens to ACS. I know Lee Kuan Yew once said that he would do the same if something bad happens to Singapore but not Oldham.

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