Haunted Camping Trip

This incident I’m going to relate happened to my elder brother when he was in secondary school, together with his group of fellow rovers, they went to Mt. Ophir for a hikking trip, mid way to the summit, one of his friends tripped and fall over an exposed tree root, no one gave a second thought to the incident and be went about their journey.

Not long through the hike, the guy who tripped over the tree, who started to have extreme stomach pain and $hit in his pants… according to my brother, he was one of those who fell ill at that time and there were only a couple of his friend that was lucky. During the whole drama, they were so afraid, some of them started to pray (the group made up of multi racial friends), all praying in their own religion.

Scared and struck in the middle of the mountain, with no form of communication to contact anyone for help, one of the 2 guys whom was fine had to rush down for help.

The whole fresco ended with some rangers coming to their aid, the group was brought down safety but was still ill (sorry I forgotten about how they got back to SG).

When my brother came back home, he was ill for almost 2 weeks, until my granny decided to seek the advice of a book, sorry I only know it as “Dong shu”, the book was from an old man living a few houses from my granny’s and he was selling those taoist stuff. According to my granny, she went to the guy to seek some advice who referred to the book, after flipping the book, he gave some instruction to my granny. My granny came home, without saying anything she started to burn some offerings and then burn a tailsman and ordered my brother to drink. He got well the very next day.

Some might call it concidence or maybe my brother was about to recover from his illness after 2 weeks. But the other thing that happened, gave me another insight to the entire episode. My granny related to us, what the guy from the shop told her, he told my granny what actually happened and where it all began. He said that one of my brother’s friend accidentally kicked a wandering spirit who was lying on the tree root who got angry and decided to punish the whole group of them. His instruction for my granny was to burn the offering at the direction from Mt. Ophir. My brother told me he didn’t tell my granny where he went to nor what had happened, but the guy knew all that information. Perhaps unknowingly he did tell her but was too sick to remember the details.

Part 2 is an offset of the incident above, a week after my brother got well, my granny made an arrange to see a medium. This is really interesting, i was there with my granny and my brother. The guy aka medium was in a trance and speaking in a language unknown to both of us. As we were looking on, my brother whisper to me about how ridiculous the whole session was. The next thing we knew, the medium turned around and told his assistant something who in turn told my brother in Hokkien “You may found it stupid and you don’t believe in such ritual but I cannot force you”, we were totally surprised and shock, how was it impossible he could have heard his brother’s whisper?

Anyhow, the memory of that incident has been fresh in my mind ever since. But, do you believe it?

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