Having Third Eye

How shall i start telling you guys about my special ability, been having the ability since young.

I can really see them is when i was in the nursing time which says i it was about 7 years, just right after i have a small accident. I could slowly see them, talk to them and even feel them.

My family my dad was the one who can see them next is me and the last one is my little sister. My dad used to be a Taoist master before he passed away.. he was kinda worried about me as he knows i am equipped with the ability, he been emphasizing that once i can see the other world not to be afraid as once they sense you are afraid of them they tends to challenge especially my dad is a Taoist master.. i can see them actively during the seventh month. I remember during my days in TTSH i used to walk home after work.. i totally forgot that day was first day of seventh month and i off work like 10pm plus..

I happily walked back.. when i passed by a hawker centre right opposite i saw somebody was walking and i saw “something” transparent following him back i was like “sh*t” what was that?? i don really dare to react that much because the “thing” saw me looking at em.. so i run as fast as possible..

I quick ran into my house (btw, my house is just beside the hawker centre) my father saw me panting like a mad woman.. he asked me what i saw?? i told him i saw something transparent following a guy back..

he told me that one is a spiritual thing.. he explained maybe is his relative or the fella might offended something thats why he got something follow~~ >.< i was like erm..er.. he say next time see this don give some much reaction if not em will follow you home instead of him.. i was erm.. ok??!! So from there i now i can see thing which people cant see which people can sense em.

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