Hotel’s Unwritten Rule

If you ever been told there is no room available in a hotel, don’t ever try to force or beg for a room. Now the thing is this, no matter how full a hotel is, there will always be room because hotels do make up their own reservation whereby they will keep a few rooms “just in case”.

Now here’s the problem. Most of those rooms they reserved are kept in reservation for a long time. Maybe chambermaids would visit once every week but thats about it. It is kept empty for as long as they wouldn’t need to dig into those reserves. Well there are 2 theories as to why these rooms should not be taken. Not even if you need a bloodie place to stay for the night.

First, because these rooms were very seldom utilized, you can almost expect something to lurk in there. Second, every hotels will have stories. Stories about rooms. Now how do they figure out which room are kept for reserves? I’m sure you wouldn’t need to be half intelligent to keep the lousy ones for reserves right? Fact is most of these rooms that are kept in reservation are more or less having incidents in the past as spooky as it can gets. Therefore if a receptionist ever told you there’s no more room, don’t ever try to bribe her or do whatever to ask, because chances are they can give it to you!

This is my practice, before I enter a room, i always knock on the door first even if i know the room is vacant. This is to kindly “inform” any stayers or “illegal” occupants or perhaps “rightful” owners of it to acknowledge my arrival. Once i’m in the room, whenever i feel not right, like the color is strange or weird or the lights are not bright enough or anything, i will walk out straight away and request a change of room. Most of the time, the receptionist will understand.

After entering the room, always switch on all the lights to ensure the lights are working, and pull in the curtains to let the entire room rained with a flood of fresh shines. This will get rid of any harmful forces that is lurking and waiting to pounce.

The next thing i’ll do is to check for any bibles or qurans or sutras in the drawers. Most hotel rooms would have a bible somewhere in the drawer. But if the bible is on the table and opened up, trust me, get out of that place as soon as you can.

Once i’m in the room, turn on the TV or radio or whatever, and this is to make the environment feel louder so as to keep the YIN QI away. Remember, anywhere that is dark and quiet is very YIN. YIN QI is strong at a place like a jungle in the middle of the night. Its where our brothers loves lurking.

Before i go to bed, i always make sure my shoes are not lying side by side. It is always good to separate them in such a way that one is on top of each other or upside down or anyhow as long it is not in a position where you are ready to wear them. This is to protect any spirits jumping into them and possess you in the process or in another explanation, to represent the YIN and YANG energy so as to strike a balance in the environment.

While i’m asleep i always leave a lamp on, and preferably the toilet lamp because that is the place where chances of something lurking is very high as toilet is a place where people dont spend a lot of time in except for shower and some other businesses.

If I’m staying alone and given a twin bed, i will never leave the other bed vacant. I will put some of my clothes of my luggage or anything on it and mess it up before i sleep. This is to prevent the misunderstanding of something sleeping on it and frighten me in the process.

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