How to Protect Yourself From Ghosts or Spirits

If you have a strange sensation that someone is watching you, even though you are alone, it could be more than just an eerie feeling. Signs that a spirit or ghost is nearby include sudden changes in temperature, odd smells, something brushing lightly against your skin or things that seem to move around on their own. Spirits or ghosts may also make themselves present through your dreams. Take measures to protect yourself from unwelcome ghosts if such encounters frighten you or make you uneasy.

Hang a horseshoe facing either up or down above your front door. According to 16th century folklore, horseshoes ward off witches and bring luck to those who pass by. If you don’t have a horseshoe, hang garlic over the door, as it also protects from evil spirits.

Practice daily meditation. Being in touch with your inner self makes you stronger spiritually.

Attach a mezuzah to your door. A mezuzah is a piece of parchment that contains verses from the Torah. When attached to the outside door, it protects those within.

Grow rosemary in your yard, keep a sprig of it in your pocket or hang a wreath on your door. In ancient Greece, people burned rosemary at shrines to repel evil spirits and keep illness at bay.

Place a flat mirror in each room facing the doorway. The ghost sees its reflection upon entering the room and gets scared away.

Wear jewelry made from chalcedony, obsidian or silver. All three have protective properties to ward off ghosts.

Hang wind chimes outside. They will ward off evil spirits and sooth your body and soul.

Empower your mind and think positive thoughts. People who constantly think negative thoughts or live in a constant state of fear make it easier for bad spirits to control them. Ghosts are more likely to avoid confident people who emit positive energy.

What to Do If You Feel a Ghost Is Near You

Envision a white light surrounding you from head to toe. The white light is protection against danger and harm.

Yell at the ghost and tell it to leave. Be assertive and explain that you don’t want it to return, ever. If the feeling persists, repeat several times until you feel you are alone.

Go into a church, if there is one open that is nearby.

Pray. Ask for protection against evil and bad spirits. If you don’t know any prayers, you can make one up.

How to Forget Something Disturbing

Incredible as it may sound, 60,000 thoughts flit through our brains each day. A good portion of those thoughts are ones we had the day before. This makes trying to forget something disturbing even more difficult. Whether it’s a disturbing image that has engraved itself on your mind’s eye or something disturbing that has actually happened to you, there are coping mechanisms that will set you on the path to — if not forgetting entirely — at least relegating the image or event to a less burdensome memory.

Turn off the television. During newscasts or nighttime drama series, disturbing images flit across the screen at a staggering rate. News that in the past would have taken a week or more to reach an audience is now available as it happens. That leaves room for the unpredictable to happen; and if you’re not on guard, you could be witness to something that reminds you of your disturbing memory. If you’re trying to forget something disturbing, avoid watching television or at least tune into uplifting or humorous shows. When you have the choice to stay away from reminders of what you’ve experienced or seen, take it.

Meditate as a way of reducing the disturbing memory. The value of meditation lies not only in its ability to slow down your breathing and heart rate but, if practiced regularly, can help you forget or, at the very least, tamp down the effects of something disturbing. If it’s too soon to settle yourself down in a quiet place alone with your thoughts, take a walk in nature. If you’re lucky enough to live near conservation areas or suburban park lands — mountains or the sea — sit for awhile and let your eyes be filled with the splendor of nature. Take deep, measured lungs full of air and remind yourself that there’s more to this world than disturbing images.

Build a safe environment. Make your home your haven. Put on some old clothes and do some vigorous house cleaning. Washing and scouring each surface, from floor to ceiling, can become a symbolic act for forgetting about something disturbing. Toss out any old items that you haven’t used in years. Clean the windows so that when you look outside, you’ll be viewing the world clearly. Fill your home with happy, nurturing experiences and people.

Stop talking about the disturbing event or image. Of course, when you first experienced it, you needed to share what you saw and how you felt with friends or family. Often people will share their own memories of something disturbing, thereby making you feel less alone. But dwelling on it in conversation can become disturbing in itself and prevent you from moving forward. Another technique is to write it down. Record the event in all its disturbing detail then either shred the piece of paper, flush it down the toilet or burn it and blow away the ashes.

How to Reverse a Spell Using White Magic

If you believe that someone has cast a spell on you, then you probably desire to counter the effects of that spell. Some common signs that a spell has been cast on you is sleeplessness, unexplained sickness or death of a pet, nightmares, insect infestation, or strange or dangerous occurrences. Taken individually, these occurrences are not necessarily signs, but a combination of several things can be. The following techniques can be used to reverse and repel unwanted incoming spells. They are simple enough to be performed by even a novice practitioner. If you believe the spell is serious or dangerous, you may wish to consult an expert to perform a heavier spell for you.

1.Hold a mirror

Hold a mirror in front of you facing away from your body and chant the following: “Circle of reflection, circle of protection, may the sender of all harm feel the power of this charm.”

2.Burn a sage smudge stick

Burn a sage smudge stick and carry it around the rooms in your house. This purifies the air in your living space.

3.Sprinkle salt on the floors

Sprinkle salt on the floors, then sweep all the salt out the door with the bad energy.

4.Make a protection satchel

Make a protection satchel of fresh lavender and sage tied into a small piece of cloth to carry with you.

5.Burn a candle

Burn a candle that is red at one end and black at the other end in front of a mirror to send the unwanted spell back where it came from.

How to Get Rid of Spirit Attachments

The spiritual realm is a world that is often misconceived or disbelieved when it comes to its effects on the natural realm. Spirits are energies, whether negative or positive, that can affect our day-to-day lives and influence our choices. Sometimes negative spirits can attach themselves to you, or you may be haunted by an unwanted energy. In this case, a spiritual exorcism must be performed to abolish the negative energy or disperse it from your life.

Ask the presence to leave you. Talking to the spirit will alert it that you are aware of its presence and want it to leave. In some cases, the spirit will simply leave you after this is done. Some spirits will resist, and it will be necessary to announce by whose authority they are cast out, such as in the name of God or your higher power.

Anoint the infested area. Anointing the area can be done using many different items. Oil, water and salt are commonly sprinkled in an infected area to rid it of supernatural forces. Try lighting candles and incense, as fire is a natural and spiritual cleansing element. Spread the smoke of these around the area you are removing the spirits from. Having these items blessed by a spiritual leader or pastor may help to empower them all the more.

Pray that the spirit leave. Meditation and prayer is one way to get in touch with the supernatural realm. It is believed that prayer can help send messages to your ancestors who have passed before you, and they will ask the spirits to leave or protect you from them. You may also conduct prayer in your own traditional manner to demand the spirits detach from you. Praying over nonperishable items, such as clothing and new furniture, before bringing them into your house can help prevent you from carrying in new spirits attached to inanimate objects.

Open a physical pathway for the spirit to leave. This can be a door or window that remains open while you ask the spirit to go. Making a physical path of exit will allow the spirit to leave without attaching to other people or harming anyone. Stay clear of the path when doing this, and ensure you show no fear, as a spirit will sense this and remain, despite your best efforts, if its intent is sinister.

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