Hungry Ghost Festival

This happen to me on the 20th August 2001. Why i remember so clearly because it is the first time I get involve in this and I hope that this will be the last time!

This month is the hungry ghost festivel and I am a free thinker so I don’t really believe in ghost but yesterday i encounter this! I am taking my boyfriend motobike home. I usually take out the helmet before reaching my block so that i can enjoy the wind blowing toward me. Suddenly my helmet was entangled with my necklace that make me feel very uncomfortable.

When I look at the rear mirror, I saw a head with a helmet beside me. My helmet was behind me so how can my helmet just place beside me????? At that moment, I feel the chill down my spine. I did not say anything because I don’t want to frighten my boyfriend!

After I reach home, my maid was telling me ” Miss, there are apple in the fridge” I answer back OK! But there was another sound say ( THERE ARE APPLE IN THE FRIDGE) (THERE ARE APPLE IN THE FRIDGE) I ask my maid how many times must she say? but she said ” I only say once what!!!”

The whole night, I can’t sleep well and I am just wondering, was that ‘thing’ watching me????? So always remember if you are not the rider, please don’t look at the rear mirror or else you will see something you don’t wish to see!!!!

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