In The Office

I use to work a five star hotel. I was a Sales Administrator there. While I was working there, i usually work late. I always finish my work around 12 midnite. As I am so use of working late, I always think the nite will be the same as yesterday and so on.

Dat nite, as usual, I was working late again. I remember I was typing a contract dat my manager need tomolo morning. While I was busy typing, I can feel someone is behind me. Weird!!!!! I was all alone in the office hmmmmm. I turn around and I saw no one. My heart was beating very fast but I told myself “Alia, U have to be brave. U need to finish dis blasted contract. U got alot of work.” So i continue with my work. Suddenly, I could smell something flowerish. Then both of my managers’s computer suddenly switch on by itself. Again I talk to myself “Aik, computer on sendiri, kelakar kelakar.” (Aik, computer on by itself, funny funny.)

Guess wat happened next, I heard someone calling my name from a far. By dat time, I was really scare but no matter wat, i need to finish the contract. Suddenly, my computer switch off by itself and the whole office black out. I scream and i started to cry. Dat someone still calling my name. I cannot take dis anymore. I pack my things and the contracts (so i can bring back home). I called my ex boyfren telling him pls talk to me until i reach home. By dat point, i was running towards the lift. While i was waiting for the lift, i saw a figure so i recite some prayer words.

After dat incident, u will think i will not dare to work late rite but i still work late and dat incident will happen again until i say enough is enough. So from the nite i say enough is enough, i started to bring back work home. But still very weird, everytime i leave my desk, i will organise my work for tomolo and i always keep my desk neat. When i reach work early in the morning, my desk was in the mess.

I keep on asking myself, “Is dat a ghost who been disturbing me.” Maybe it is but i am so happy dat i decide to quit my job although it is not easy to find a job now.”

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