Incident At Work Place

In my workplace, there’s few colleagues of mine who actually “saw” things around in the lady’s toilet. Actually I saw it once too, but not too much people believed in it. When the 7th month is near, we have this habit of doing the ‘Yuan Xiao Jie’ stuffs, burning the offering and have those joss sticks offered daily and we will moved our ‘god’ tablet outside our store.

When I first joined in, I was quite puzzled how come must moved the tablet outside our store, till some auntie told me actually when it’s outside, you will be praying for the ‘Hao Xiong Di’ as well because we will only moved the tablet during the 7th month.

So ok, back to my case.

Last wednesday, when I was at work, I was sort of writing my report in the office room when I heard a very clear-echo conversation going around. The sound was really so clear that I could feel it was just right beside me. My hair eventually stood. I could not make out what was the “weird conversation” was about until my friend came into the room and everything stopped. While we were going home, I asked her whether did she heard anything, she replied no and said probably it was the people next room talking instead. I must be hearing things etc etc.

I told her it wasn’t, I worked long enough in the workplace thus I can define whether it’s the sound of the next room or. you know. I don’t feel really that well after that incident cos I’m sure I heard something weird, very weird.

Few days later, I was down with a bad bad fever (that hits 39.6), and under a MC of 4 days.

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