“Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.”

When people tells you to trust your instinct and run when you had to, it’s true. They say the thing we call intuition is actually our soul and we should always trust it no matter what situation we are in. If you don’t then chances are you would regret it. Let me tell you why..

My friend had been staying in this block of HDB in Jurong West for her entire life, but she never fails to feel uneasy while sleeping in her parents’ room. Her mum was initially hesitant to buy the house because the floor number was not considered lucky but it was BTO flat so just bought it at the low price back then.

Being a child, she would tend to dismiss the uneasy feeling that she gets whenever the lights were turned out in her parent’s bedroom. She would often wake up in the middle of the night and feel as if there were a pair of eyes looking at her.

As much as it bothered her, she did not try communicating it to her parents because she wanted to continue sleeping with them in their bedroom. She was afraid that her concerns would be dismissed as a child’s nonsense after watching too many Scooby Doo shows.

Being the only child, she yearned for love and the attention of her parents and would always try to spend more time with them while they were at home, but not in their room.

As she grew older, too old for 3 people to share a Queen-size bed, she moved back to her own room and it was then when she started to keep a table lamp lighted up all night before she was able to sleep peacefully

.Her quality of sleep improved and she stopped getting weird nightmares and chilly feelings whenever she was awakened in the middle of the night.

However, sometimes, she would realise that her dad has been spending the night on the sofa when she wakes up early for school. As weird as it may seem, she never asked. It was like a taboo in the house.

It wasn’t until one day when she came back early from school and nobody was home. Despite being a small family, they had no domestic helper, so she was left alone to self-entertain whenever her parents were at work.

It just so happens that she was trying to wash her school shoes in the bathroom of her parents’ room when she noticed that something was wrong. It was her instinct, telling her to get out of wherever she was, but she ignored it like always. This time round, she wasn’t that lucky. She saw it.

It was a long hair lady wearing a red dress that drifted across the room, and she caught it in the corner of her eyes through the doors of the bathroom. Initially, she actually thought that it was her mum who came back from work early, like how she would always to keep her company. But she was wrong.“Mummmmmm! Where’s my dinner?” She continued washing her shoes and disregarded the fact that she wasn’t sure who that figure was. But she was sure she saw someone. Someone in red.Silence.

There was no reply so she shouted again, but to no avail. She got scared. Is that what had been keeping her away from the room all this while? She realised. All she could do was to grab her phone and her keys and off she go, out of the place that has caused her distress.

It wasn’t until she told her parents about the scary incident that night that they decided that the flat was haunted. Apparently, the dad had many sleepless nights due to nightmares, so he resorted to sleeping on the sofa most of the time. His instinct told him to sleep outside, and so he did.

The family eventually moved out shortly after and rented a place nearby to move into within short notice. They gathered a group of priests from the temple to perform a ritual for the house before renting it out to others. Till date, they still didn’t dare to move back in because every time they step inside, it chills. They tried to sell the houses to many people but somehow everyone who came to view the house never came back to buy. Finally they managed to sell back to HDB and hope the new house owners have a better life in that block.

This time round, they chose to stick with their intuition.

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