Khatib Vale Blk 782

This happened when I was 9 yrs old and it is always floating in my mind, till now…

My grandparents lived in a 3 room flat at khatib vale blk 782, with my uncles and aunts of course. My grandfather was falling very sick on a particular day. So my family went down to look after him.

After we settled down, strange thing happened…My mother, who sat on the sofa, started shivering. She seemed like someone, or something, had process into her body. I, of course, felt scare at that time. My mother was quite calm enough to ask my aunt offering the joss-stick to the god they belief.

Soon, Mum was alright. I felt relieve then. Next, I saw the light in the bedroom was on and no one was inside. So I went to switch it off. The moment I switched off the light, I saw a man floating pass through the windows. Just imaging, the height of the windows is about 1.5 meter high and the man I could see was his body. He didn’t go fast, in fact he paused for a while before proceeding. My face turned green on that moment.

From the day onwards, each time when I go to my grandparents’ flat, I could feel the breeze passing through me, even though it was a sunny day…

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