Makassar Night

This was actually what happened when I was posted to Makassar, South Sulawesi. Being a Singapore expatriate, I was allocated to live alone in a 3-story building rented by the Singapore entity, which I was working for. Itâ?Ts considered a high-end residential area in Makassar with all these houses spread apart some distance away. Thick vegetations covered the area and roads had no lighting at night, with the exception of lights from the houses of people not yet asleep.

Apart from the house, there was also a car allocated to me without a driver, which I could drive myself around, as I am quite familiar with the road there.

One night I had a dinner appointment with my Indonesian counterpart that lasted till 2am the next day.

All was fine as I was driving home on a journey that took about 30 minutes from the hotel restaurant.

When I reached the estate, it was total darkness, with the only illumination coming from my carâ?Ts headlights. The situation made me feel uncomfortable and the temperature also seemed to be different from the other nights.

It was 3am when I reached home and I went up to the 2nd floor, where my bedroom was with the bathroom next to my room.

As I was inside the bathroom and about to take my shower, I heard a lady crying in the attic nearby from an open window.

The lights in the bathroom began to flicker and then the lights went off.

I did not bother much as my body and face were covered with soap and I just continued with my shower.

As I was about to leave the bathroom and headed to my bedroom next door, the light came back on again.

After dressing up, I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee in the kitchen before resting on the sofa in front a TV with an Indonesian programme showing.

Then I started to smell a strong stench that smelt like dead animal in the house, causing me to almost vomit out what I had eaten earlier. I was also not even able to get up from the sofa to move away or to open the door to run away.

Suddenly, I saw a lady in white long dress with long hair drifting slowly down the staircase from the 2nd floor where my bedroom and bathroom were. She came in front of me where I was sitting and the TV started to receive distortions that caused the screen to go blank.

By now, I could see that her hair was dirty with grass twigs and mud; her face rotten with maggots and eyeless. I could not see her hands and her dress stained with mud and blood.

She then slowly moved into the kitchen and I quickly got up from the sofa, before running back to my room and locking myself inside as I did my prayers.

As I was praying, I unknowingly fell asleep and was only awakened by my local Indonesian colleague knocking on my door and the continuous calling of my hand phone.

They were extremely worried and thought that something might have happen to me. They were relieved when they saw me in good shape.

I did not tell them anything that day regarding the incident the previous night, but I started to get worried when it was time to go back home again after work.

I intended to book into a hotel, but had not enough money to pay the hotel bill.

Thus, I had no other alternative but to take the courage to drive straight home after work.

I did not dare to keep late night appointment and activities, hence, all appointment and activities were all scheduled in the day instead.

I was there for about a year and nothing happen after that.

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