My Real Incident

The nearest encounter to a supernatural that I experience myself is invisible force pressing against me, rendering me powerless to move, in the middle of sleep. But then I never want to believe that it’s supernatural because I keep thinking there might be a scientific/medical explanation for it. But when it happened I was quite rightly scared shitless. After rationalizing, not so scared le. Till now, still cannot decide what to make of the experience.

In terms of sighting, my mother would have a lot of stories to tell. She has seen her fair bit of weird weird things. In her younger days, she experienced a few occasion of double-sighting of her friends.

If I remember correctly, she told me that the first such encounter was in Malaysia when she was working in a factory canteen. She and her colleagues stayed over at the hostel provided during the weekdays and go home only over weekends. It happened on a weekend when they were preparing to go home. My mother was heading to the bathroom for a shower when she bumped into her friend who had just came out of the bathroom wearing a brand new green blouse she had never seen. So she commented to her friend about her new blouse, which the ‘friend’ only smiled in return. Then after my mother finished showering, she took her dirty clothes outside to wash when she saw the same friend again in a BLUE shirt. She was like “Hey, how come you change your shirt?” To which the friend replied, ‘What change shirt? Have been wearing this whole day what.’ Then my mother asked her if she showered already or not. To which the friend replied that she was so busy the whole day she hadn’t find time to go toilet at all. My mother decided not to tell her friend about the incident, afraid will scared her friend, but she persuaded the friend to quit with her as their boss wasn’t very kind to them anyway.

You would think that this type of thing happened once creepy enough already, but got second time and it was in Singapore!

This time also in hostel. There was a long walkway in the house leading to the kitchen after walking past 2 bedrooms in the house. My mother was walking to the kitchen when she passed the room nearest to the kitchen and saw her friend sitting on the bed writing a letter. But then when she got into the kitchen she saw the same friend in the kitchen washing dishes, which is like cannot be, right! Then she don’t know which one is which one so she quickly backtracked to her room and when she passed that bedroom again, there was no one!

There were also other weird occurrences in this particular hostel they stayed in. Once it was nearing CNY time, everyone went back to Malaysia by train le except my mother and her friend because they were waiting for the friend’s boyfriend to drive them back but the boyfriend CNY holiday was one day later than them. So nair mind, my mum and her friend stayed one extra night at the hostel la and they were going to wake up early early the next morning to drive home in time for CNY.

Then the next day hor, my mother was woken up when her friend smacked her with the pillow scolding her why she wake her up already but went back to sleep herself. My mum was like all blur and looked at the alarm clock and was like ‘still early what’ to which the friend was like ‘yar lor, so early you wake me up for what! some more bluff me say going to be late liao!’ Which gave my mum the creeps because there were only 2 of them in the hostel and my mother wasn’t the one who woke the friend up lor. And she definitely never say they were going to be late liao.

But then my mother decided against clarifying the matter in the hostel itself, ‘cos liddat quite scary right, so she just leave it until they were in the car halfway le, then she told her friend that whatever woke her up that morning wasn’t my mother lor. Then the friend freaked out and asked my mum if my mum ever wake up at night and told her (the friend) that she is going to fall out of bed (cos apparently this girl always sleep with one hand dangling off the bed like going to fall off bed) and my mother said no lor. Then the friend told her that all the while she always hear someone in the middle of the night will tell her ‘eh, yao diao xia lai liao’ (eh, you going to fall down liao), and she would listen and shift her body back into the bed. And she always assumed it’s my mother lor, ‘cos only they 2 sleep in same room!

Then when they returned to Singapore to work after CNY they tried in vain to change hostel. So bo bian la, since nothing averse ever happen they decided to ignore whatever strange things had happened la. They stayed there for 5 years okay, and every time 7th month will pray pray and the friend also never complain of hearing people talk to her at night le.

Now, the last thing about this hostel, but is a lighter side of it. My mother always say she is the no luck type of person. She worked in the factory for 2 years le, but annual dinner lucky draw she never got anything one, whereas her housemates every time bring home vacuum cleaner la, cooker la, etc. So once she was at home alone the day of her 3rd annual dinner when she think of it and is a bit pissed off, so she slapped the annual dinner ticket on the table in the living room and talked to the house: “if YOU really exist hor, how come you never help me win lucky draw and my friends always win one? They live here I also live here I not considered part of this house arh? If YOU really exist then help me win tonight’s annual dinner draw!”

Then you can guess what happened lar. That night she win a lot of things from the lucky draw ah and her housemates all never win. And her luck continued until she left the company and shifted out of that hostel room. Coincidence or not, you decide lor.

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