NCC Camp

On 13 june, we went to school for our npcc annual camp for 3 days 2 night… On the second day, we went to have our dinner then at about 8pm, we went for our solo walk. I asked mazlan to wait for me coz he is the second person to go so he say ok…Then we waited at the toilet outside the 4th storey, then we saw subrina so we waited for subrina to come then.

Suddenly, we heard a flushing sound from the boys toilet and the light flicking… so scary.. so we ran and ran as the door flicking..and we saw a shadow.. so we ran even faster. Then we bump into subrina. She shouted ouch.. We walk up to the computer lab then we saw the place very eerie so we dare not walk ahead. We turn back and we saw our nco. They give us a checkpoint to find other we face to face with each other and walk stronger ahead..

We walk to the 2nd floor to find our nco then we saw the chairs moving up and down. We can’t believe our eyes.. We scream and we saw an old man waving at us and smiling very eerie.. We ran and we finally reached the checkpoint. Then we tell our nco what we have seen.. The nco then told us that an old man died in our school a few years ago.. We feel very scared and we have goosbumps. The end… to be continued…

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