Nexus International School

First, lemme get the important details out of the way before I actually talk about what I experienced in this international school:

The school building, from what I have heard, is quite old, and has apparently had several past owners, who likely used it for different purposes.

The events described here occurred somewhere in the December of 2016, in a Global Perspectives classroom on the third floor. I was in Year 10 at the time.

Being the introvert that I was, I was sitting by myself in a secluded corner of the class. The nearest person to me was about 2-3 meters to the left of me, and I was sitting directly next to a wall on my right.

This was the first time I have experienced true supernatural activity in my life, however, it isn’t the latest, as several other minor strange incidents occurred in this school the year after.

Back then, I was a Christian. I was quite on the fence with the existence of ghosts and whatnot. I’m not sure if that has to do with anything, but I still feel that this is important to note.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, I can start telling you exactly what happened.

During the first 40-50 minutes of Global Perspectives, things seemed as mundane as ever. We were working on a crucial project that day, and it was pretty dull. I was way ahead of the class, and I was playing music on my earphones.

Suddenly, things started to get strange. I felt a couple of tingles on my neck, and then some more, and before I knew it, my entire body was paralyzed, I was terrified beyond words for no apparent reason, and my throat felt like I was choking to death. My heart was pounding, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on, because I have never felt like this ever before.

However, this isn’t even the strangest part. While in my really uncomfortable state, I could see a reflection of an unidentifiable, faceless, shadowy figure that seemed to unnaturally glide past me from left to right for a split second, thanks to my computer screen. As this happened, I felt a small cold breeze brush past me, as if someone really close was hastily walking past. After a few seconds, my paralysis, terror, and feeling of choking abruptly ended like magic, and I was back to normal.

After that, I was full of questions about what had just happened to me. I took a good look around the classroom. Still, no one was behind or even near me, and I know that who/whatever glided past me couldn’t have been the classmate nearest to me, because there were sitting on the left, while that…thing was going right. Also, it didn’t really look like it was moving like a human would, as it didn’t look like it was moving its legs(or any other body parts) while it was gliding past.

Also, remember the wall that I described being directly next to my right? Well, from what I have seen on my computer screen for a really short moment, it looked like it was going to run directly into it. Thing is, I didn’t hear anyone smacking into the wall(My music wasn’t really that loud to block off such a noisy bang right behind me), nobody in the entire classroom was standing up, and once again, absolutely no one was behind me or even close to me, so…think what you will of this.

While I’ve had a few other odd instances, such as coins of foreign currency that I couldn’t recognize materializing out of seemingly thin air. I have never had anything on the same level as what happened during that GP class in 2016.

Even if it isn’t exactly my business, I sometimes still wonder where that thing was heading to during that time, if it’s still in the school to this day, and, if not, where it is now…

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