Night Walk

This is a veri scary story… This story is told by my mdm… The story start frm the nite hike during the camp. There are 12 ppl in a group to have their nite hike… whenever they met a point there will be a head count. They met a point n they have a head count… but there r onli 11 ppl around, one more person is missing. Ppl in the group ran to the finishing point n tell their mdm… All of them went to find the missing person, but they didn’t found him… n they decide 2 find the nxt day as it is bright n it is easier to find…

The nxt day, they went 2 find the missing person again. They still could not find yet…after a few hrs, they decide 2 give up! After that, they went back 2 sch…n nothing happened!

5 yrs later, the same mdm n same sch went there 4 camp for 3days 4nites. They have the nite hike too(it is the last day of the camp) … They also have the head count everi point. There r oso 12 ppl in a group.

When they met a point, they have the head count, but they counted 13 ppl… 1 more xtra ppl appeared… When the xtra person is counted as 13, he said,”Why didn’t u brought mi back 5 yrs ago?” n he cried immediately After he finish toking~… the leader of the group went back n told the mdm n the mdm told the leader not to tok abt it again…

The nxt day, they wanted to set off back 2 their sch… they saw a body that is separated… n that person’s face looks like the person that was lost for 5 yrs~!!!

Believe it or not… it is up 2 u!

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