NS Encounters

Since I am young, I am a “Ghost Fans” of Russell Lee, SFOGS and others. I always wanted to see a “REAL GHOST”!! But I don’t have any “LUCK” on it. I always thought I can sense or saw them. But the answer is “NO”!!
Cause “GHOST” isn’t that “EASY” to be “SEEN”. My “DREAM OF SEEING GHOST” come true, is only when I get enlist to NS. I know a lot of ghost story about NS at Pulau Tekong, Yxxxn Camp; others. Some may think is just to scare guys who are going NS or bullshitting!! Friendly speaking I also thought of that before.
Okay!! Let stop all the “OPENING”!! Is time to “START”, “MY OWN GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER DURING NS LIFE”.
Let’s start the story on the day I enlist to Pulau Tekong(Army). The story I call it Miss White Of Pulau Tekong. It is a “SPECIAL DAY” to me and others. It is the day that I enlist to the “WELL KNOWN TRAINING CAMP”, “PULAU Tekong”!! It is a place that train “BOY” to “MAN” but is also a place “FULL OF SPOOKY STORY”.
The enlistment day have came!! Just like every guy, check in at the Pasir Ris Interchange for bus to Changi Ferry Terminal than waiting for ferry to Pulau Tekong and so on. Everything seems “FINE”. But is it really “FINE”?? Cause during booking in our bunk, I notice there is a piece of “LONG HAIR” which is belong to girl that is lying on my bed. In my mind, I thought maybe is belong to the auntie that change our bedsheet so I don’t bother that much. By the way, my company is locate near the Pulau Tekong Ferry Terminal. Whereby a lot of “SPOOKY ENCOUNTER” have been spread at there.

The day and night at the island is totally different. Day is as “HOT LIKE OVEN” & Night is as “FREEZE LIKE FRIDGE”.

Second day at the well know island, wake up for 5BX, breakfast and so on. After the training, go back to my bunk to take bathing stuff. Arrive at the bunk & turn on the light, I am shock. Cause I see the same old “LONG HAIR” lying on my bed again. Act like nothing happen, I walk to it, pick up & throw away. So on for the day. You guys must be thinking why I never tell anyone?? Cause they will just scold me to stop the crap. Third day still the same until the day when we are preparing our outfield item.

It is around 11+, we still packing the item for outfield. Everyone is busy packing. While I am packing my stuff, I notice someone in White Pass by my bunk window at the corridor. So I ask my buddy is it just now Platoon Commander or Platoon Sergeant passes by our bunk?? My buddy told me “NO”!! Why I think of them. Cause they always wear “WHITE POLO T-SHIRT”. So out of curious, I go out the bunk & see who is that?? I am shock to find out that, there is no one outside the corridor & staircase. So to my first thought, is it really I see something that I always want to see when I am young.

Truly speaking, I never thought is a “GHOST” in the first place. Cause the way it show just like a normal human being. After the incident, I start to have “HIGH FEVER” last for 3 days. It is “TRUE ENOUGH” that story about seeing “GHOST” at the island will make you fall sick. On my book out day, I meet up my buddies who have accompanied me on the first day of enlistment. Meet up with him and I told him what have happen to me during the training day at the island.

He tells me on that day, he want to tell me something regarding about my company and platoon. But he is afraid later will affect me, during the stay at there. He say that there are rumour of my company about seeing “LONG HAIR” on the bed, “WHITE LADY” passing by the corridor from level 4 to 5 and “LOUD KNOCKING” sound from cabinet and door. After hearing everything he tell me, I “CURSE and SWEAR” on him. Cause he now than tell me all this “GOOD STUFF”!! Really is my so call “BUDDY”!! But never mind “EVERYTHING IS OVER”!! By the way, it is not what you “SEE” make you “SCARE”!! Is after the incident you recall the “IMAGINE” of the “INCIDENT” make you “TERRIFY”!! Believe anot?? I “BELIEVE”!!

Okay!! I will end my “FIRST PART” of “MY OWN GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER DURING NS LIFE”. Hope everyone like it and doesn’t mind the story is too long. Maybe some of you still doubt my encounter(No Offence). But never mind. Cause I also don’t believe I can see “THEM” too!!

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