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Well this may be long. First allow me to introduce myself, I’m a pretty adventurous person especially in supernatural stuff,and being a rebellious person since young, I’m a freethinker whom does not believe trusting my life with any religion thou sometimes when face with supernatural stuff I do take some prayers just to feel better, no harm since all these gods, deity, Buddha are suppose to be good to protect us. Along the way I’ll also give some advise on how to deal with under certain circumstances, unsure what works for me works for you, but as I always say no harm trying.

First stop BMT days in famous Tekong.

1) I was enlisted for NS in early 90’s, and had my BMT at then ITD in Tekong Camp 3. It was a six storey L-shaped bungalow (remember those army hokkien song). I stay on the 4th floor on the shorter end of the L-shaped block just next to the toilet. Frankly speaking did not encounter much during my stay except for the shaking bed experience during the first few nights but subsequently stopped, probably thanks to my mum advise. Before I left for NS, my mum knew I wouldn’t carry any amulets or talisman, but just gave me a steel nail wrap in red paper and told me to carry it along everywhere I go. Initially I just left inside my bunk locker, after the first few shaking bed, I started sleeping my keeping the steel nail in my shorts pocket, thereafter I slept through my BMT without another accident. On the eve of POP our trainers actually told us all the haunted places in Tekong, and my bed was supposedly one of those, but to their surprise I didn’t complain about it or seems bother by it.

2) This incident happen also during my Tekong days, the trainers notice one guy from the next platoon whose bunk is next to us looking listless and tired everyday although we usually lights off at 11pm. Upon probing this guy admitted that he had been disturb by a shadow standing next to his bed every night around 2am, which resulted him being tired during daytime. This guy was actually sleeping on the last bed next to the door (usually each bunks have 2 door and we sleep with them open due to the humid weather), so the trainers suggest they locked closed the door where this guy is sleeping next to and thereafter he was never disturb again. After this incident, I actually sometimes purposely wake up around 2am, squatting at the corridor of the closed door hoping to catch the shadow but to no available.

3) Next incident, just before our posting there was this guy from my platoon who told me that our toilet is haunted. One night he need to pee, so he went toilet and there was no one inside, as he was peeing he realise one of the cubicle was flushing itself, and from that moment onwards he never dare go toilet again at night. Unknown to him actually one of the cubicle in our toilet flushing system was faulty, each time it refills to full tank it will just flush automatically even in the day, actually it never stops flushing, we had a good laugh over this.

Next after my posting, I was on course in another camp in Clementi area but nothing unusual happen during the one month stay. After which I was posted to a large camp in the western part of this island and stay there throughout my reservist till I stand down and now in M.R.

4) Shortly after posted to this camp, one platoon commander who was due for ROD was on vacation at Mount Ophir, but ended drowning himself, heard he swam in the river at night and got drowned. We received this drowning news in the morning and on the very evening something strange happened once night fall, it was only about 8pm, suddenly all the lights at the main gate, guard room area blew out and the RPs hv no choice but to use torch light and kerosene lamp throughout till next morning.

5) For security reason I won’t reveal which camp this happen, and my vocation but to those who knows there are a small group of people like myself who prowl a designated area every night alone, yes alone in one area, only have 2 weapons and a signal set, pretty bulky, like Christmas tree. To those who always worry about doing night duty, you guys are so much luckier, you prowl in 2 or 3.

Its normal during our working hour 7pm to 6am, that we encounter all kinds of weird incident, like being press down by unknown forces, seeing flying figures and worse of all if you’re unfortunate and have 3rd eye, will see a squad of Japanese soldiers floating into your duty area without legs.

6) During one incident I was totally unable move my legs on entering an extremely haunted area as advise by our senior never to prowl if you’re allocated this area, just stay near the gate and you already will experience all kind of weird sound. What I heard really send me shivering, I heard the sound of chained metal balls being drag around but unable see anything, I was just froze still unable to move at all, it was after taking some prayers that I was able move.

7) This incident happen in barrack lines, I stay on the ground floor of BLK G, and usually if no reservist come back, level 2 and 3 is empty, as the rest of the active personnel stay in BLK C behind my block, unsure why only 2 blocks but name G and C. Our bunks have got 2 corridor and so 2 doors as well, but usually one side is locked since this side only got shower facilities and the other which we open have both shower and toilet cubicles, its the same for level 2 and 3. This happen towards before I ROD, I was no longer performing night duties but as day staff (lao chiao liao), as I stay far away from camp usually I’ll book in the night. On one particular Sunday I book in around 11pm and was alone in bunk since the rest of the guys already left for their night duties, and the evening guys yet to return. I have all the lights turn on in my bunk and corridor and also the radio was on, suddenly there was sound of hard slamming of lockers from the unit above mine, one after another, there was no reservist training throughout the whole week let alone reservist training never start one a weekend. Bucking my courage I decide to check out on block C, when I walk over to block C, it was simply quite, nobody was quarreling having to slam those locker that hard on the floor, as I standing looking at blk C the slamming continue, and I buck up all my courage and went upstairs to check it out,first I turn on the corridor light, there was simply not a single soul around, then all of a sudden all the slamming stop as I approached the unit above mine, and all I could see through the glass windows, terrified me, the whole unit was simply empty, no metal lockers or bed, simply empty room. Thereafter I return to my bunk and waited for my evening duty personnel to return.

8) This accident happen inside my bunk too, on another night I was sleeping alone with the door lock from inside, I usually hang my uniform on my bed before going to sleep but when i woke up the next morning my uniform was missing. At first I search through my whole bunk but could not find it, there no way I would have forgotten to bring my uniform as I book in with my uniform on. Then my friend who just book in was knocking on the bunk door thinking I was still asleep, when he enter he realise what happen and told me he kind of saw of uniform hanging on the 2nd floor corridor railing, I immediately went up and found my uniform intact???

9) 2yrs after I ROD, I received my first ICT notification and I started worrying what if I’ve to stay in that bunk at blk G level 2. To my relief on the first day we reported for ICT, we’re told to sleep at blk C instead, apparently they’ve exchange that reservist will use blk C and active NSman uses blk G, only to realise the real reason behind its because blk C is rumour to be even more haunted. Those guys who serve NS during my time and before who have stay at blk C have encounter numerous sightings. During this first ICT, one night I needed to go toilet, the lights in the toilet uses sensor to light on, so if after you enter the toilet for too long and no movement the light will automatically turn off. As I’ve a heavy supper on one of those nights, I went to toilet around 2 or 3am to clear my bowels, when I walk in I actually notice an Indian man standing outside the toilet but didn’t pay too much notice as I just hurried to do my business. While doing my business, I realize the man standing outside was actually wearing full no. 4 uniform with helmet and with the rank of SGT, who in the hell would wear his full uniform wearing a helmet standing outside the toilet at this hour and among all the reservist, there was only 1 Indian SGT T. After I finish my business when washing hand at the basin the lights in toilet just light up, but nobody enter the toliet, from the basin i could see the entrance clearly, anyway the toilet main entrance got no door, so even if somebody pass by we would still manage catch a glimpse, I immediately left the toilet. After this incident I never uses the toilet in the middle of the night no matter how urgent will tahan till morning or uses the shower cubicle on the other side of the corridor to pee.

10) Beside my own above experience, over the years some of my friends with unfortunate 3rd eye have also encounter many strange sighting, like the one if you have read in True Singapore Ghost Story about old lady or man with small child walking along western part asking for direction to a certain place. One unfortunate guy actually claim he was approach along the corridor of blk C during one of his ICT. Another guy went to toilet in middle of night, on the way back to bunk he saw 2 man talking inside the bunk just outside toilet, but the bunk was not in use and was lock from outside, how get inside??

11) During my first ICT, we had a field camp and in the early morning everybody who was resting in an old building, all heard our PC shouting loudly asking all of us to fall in, even the section commanders heard that, but after falling in for about half hour, our PC still never comes out, so one of the Sect Comm went inside building look for him but could not locate him, so he call him on his mobile phone and PC reply why disturb him so early, he was actually sleeping inside the 3 toner and he have not given any instructions to fall in, it was around 5am, so what did whole platoon of heard ??? We trust our PC wasn’t playing on us, as he is a pretty religious person we knew him since active NS days

12) On another ICT, one guy sleeping in blk C bunk also complain of a presence staring at him when sleeping, then I found out he sleep with bunk door open, so I advise him to close it before going to sleep, which I learn during my BMT days at Tekong. This guy also funny after closing one side still feeling frighten he slept near the other door open and again complain no effect. So on 3rd night onwards we all have to sleep with both doors closed for 2 weeks through our ICT, seem this method effective with me, so next time you guys have such experience try closing the door even if its hot and humid.

13) On my last ICT, again went field camp, 4D3N. I with 2 other guys had our trench near some workshop area inside our camp area. On first night around 9pm, when we all lying under the brightly stars outside our trench, with our own radio turn on softly and some idiots in the workshop still working turning on their radio real loud, actually using the PA system. My experience with these stupid technicians was because they worry hear or see, so they purposely turn on radio loud loud if have to work late. Then suddenly I heard a woman singing can’t really figure out what language definitely not English or Mandarin, I turn off our radio and ask my 2 other friend if they heard it, but both didn’t except for the loud music from workshop. So I didn’t bother and just pretend can’t hear and subsequently fell asleep. On the 3rd night, I actually fell asleep quite early, this time both my friend heard it instead, also they can’t figure out what language the song is, sound a bit Malay or Japanese, and they heard it through out the whole night for few hours as they unable sleep. The next morning quite a number of people started asking if we heard same about woman singing, its seem not only my area heard it but other guys in other trenches hundred meters away from us also hear same thing. Since it was my last ICT it never really bother me, but for 2 unlucky souls they must have to leave with it for a long time, as we were packing our stores after field camp, 2 new RPs guarding gate near us ask, we’ve been in this camp for so many years, have we heard woman singing at night at another end of our camp, we responded with a resounding yes, we heard it just last night at our trench. The 2 RPs only realized that these woman spirit actually moves around everywhere throughout our camp compound or maybe they were the 2 unlucky one that provoke her singing since i’ve never heard of this during my active days doing night duties alone.

Well so much for 15yrs of National Service, no more army ghost stories to share anymore. But dun worry have more other encounters throughout my life exploring haunted places, will share again next time.

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