Object Flying

My Story: Date: 2000, March.
TIme: 0130 (roughly there, can’t quite remember)
Location: Lim Chu Kang – Army Exercise Ground

It happened during one of the exercise we having. Since i’m in the artillery unit (can’t disclose which unit – I think does who in the arty unit should know which unit goes there for exercise), we don’t usually move on foot. We used vehicles to move to one point to one point. When I went there for the first time in 1999, this place is very eerie.

Imagine, before you enter the place, you will by pass all the cemetery at Lim Chu Kang. Malay and Chinese ones. When you go through, you will reached the training ground. There’s one place which make me even scary even in daylight. There’s graves on a certain hill. It’s like a hill is covered with Chinese graves.

So during one of our major exercise in 2000, March, I and my friends (a total of 4 including me) was eating our supper at 0130 together. When we eating, i felt something is ahead of us. Even thought is dark at night, the moonlight presence can still light up the place. Then I saw this two white objects floating. One in front and the other one followed it. Without hesitation, I hit my friend to ask them to see what I had seen. They too can’t believe as the objects flew in our view. It’s was about 20 meters away.

All of us was shocked. I believe they were just moving away since we(Army) are using their place. I think that they didn’t notice that I and my friends noticed them. Till the end of the exercise, we still can’t believe what we had seen.

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