Offend Good Brothers

I remember during my secondary school days, when during the Lunar July, the RCs will usually organise dinners and getais for the “good brothers” and this incident i’m going to relate not particularly happened to me but i personally witness the chain of events.

Being small, I always find the puppet opera very interesting when I was very young but whenever our family were to attend the dinner near our granny’s place, i would sneak off to watch the opera knowing where I’m going, my mum would always tell me off but allow me to do so on 1 condition: NEVER SEAT ON THE FIRST ROW SEATS

Being rebellious at my age, however I still followed as it has something to do with the unknown especially in school there has been already so many hearsays and ghost stories shared before it was actually lunar July. As I was watching the opera I noticed a kid sitting on the first row of the seats and it was definitely not ghost for I knew who that kid was, he was the precious son of the nearby Econ-Minimart shopowner where usually when we shopped in that provision shop, we will always be saboed by this mischevious kid. Seeing me standing behind all the seats, the kid came over and asked me to join him and sit at the front row but i politely declined as i knew I would get a scolding if I dun go back to the dinner table soon.

However something struck me as i was on my way back to the table thinking how would a kid of his age(8-9 yrs) speak very very good english and with coarse voice? But well, who cares anyway rite?

I got back to my table and we carried on the dinner, skipping a few dishes as i was away but halfway through the dinner,we heard a loud thud, and the tables nearer to the opera side where I have been to suddenly was distracted, for they seemed to be looking in the direction. From far, I saw a figure with the size of a kid lying on the floor and 1 of my aunt, being kpo always would go and check it out. It was the provision shop’s son; apparently jumped off the the flat.

It was only after several months that I remembered the events prior to that and told my mum that actually I might have been like the kid for if i joined him to sit at the front row as i learnt that the first row is where the good bros will always be, watching the getai or opera but by sitting there, imagine someone sitting on u and blocking ur view?

Thus till now, though no confirmation I still believe that the kid may have angered the good bros and when he/it approached to join him might not actually be the kid that jioed me or he may have been possessed by then.

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