Pulau Tekong Bed Shaking

During my basic military training in Pulau Tekong in 1997, there were a number of supernatural occurrences, but what seemed most intriguing was that of the bed shaking incident. There was once when two of my platoon mate complained to my Sergeant that their bed was shaking, more accurately, someone or something was kicking their beds while they were sleeping at night. It was a pretty big thing, as our Sergeants actually accompanied us in our bunks when we slept at night, they even enforced that if we were to go to the toilet at night, we were supposed to get out buddy to accompany.

The reason why they joined us in the bunk was that as recruits, we did not have the privilege to posses the SAF Crest, which is usually found on all berets. The Sergeants on the other hand, had. The thing about the Crest was that it was told that it has been blessed by the four religions in Singapore. The poster of the SAF pledge was also ordered to be pasted at the exits of the bunk.

Realizing that the problem was only pushed aside and not solved at the root, the Sergeants realized that this disturbance occurred only after our “Parents Visit Day”. Remembering also that The Chinese New Year had just passed and Tekong used to be a Muslim island (that’s why pork could never be brought into the bunks), the Sergeants came to the conclusion that some ignorant parents probably brought some pork (maybe BBQ pork), ate in the bunk and possibly dropped some in the bunk.

Thus a proper area cleaning of the bunk was done. What exactly was the cause of the kicking could not be confirmed, but my friends had more peaceful sleep after the area cleaning…….

Does that mean that what the Sergeants concluded was right? Well, the truth is out there………

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