Room 1344

Recently, I went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia as my cousin was getting married. We had to stay there for 2 days. Therefore, we decided to stay at a hotel for 1 nite. I will juz name the hotel as Hotel ‘X’ as I will not want to ’embarrass’ the hotel. That day was a Thursday.

When we checked in, it was already late evening at around 8.30pm. So I went to take a bath and did my evening prayers.

Feeling tired, I went to sleep as my other family members went to have their dinner downstairs. As the result, I was all alone in the hotel. Man, I should have follow them but I was too late. Now came the ‘CLIMAX’. PLEASE DON’T CONTINUE THE STORY IF U ARE ALL ALONE!!!!!

I went to sleep. But suddenly, I felt something was not right! Then I heard a noise coming from the toilet. Like someone had flushed the toilet! Feeling sleepy, I thought that my family had came back. But they were not in the room! I was still all alone in that very room.

Then I thought that my family was playing a prank at me. I shouted their names. NO answer. Being a rational person, I don’t believe in ghost and sightings. But at that time, I was thinking of one. That was not the end….

Suddenly, it followed by some knocks outside the window. My heart skip a beat. It was like as someone was trying to get inside the room. I said a little prayer. I knew God is all powerful and will help to protect me. Soon the knockings ended. Feeling scared, I quickly changed and got out from the room. At that moment, I was still very unsure and puzzled. But I soon realised that I will find the answer on the following day.

After that incident, nothing weird began to happen on that night.

On the next day, we went to check out from the hotel. I was quite relieved at the same time. So as we came out from the hotel, I saw several trees, standing about 5 metres high. If I’m not wrong, the tree is a ‘Pokok Beringin’! So I was having goosebumps.

For your information, ‘Pokok Beringin’ is a type of tree which many believed that it is a haunted tree. I’m sorry as I did not know its english name. I will try to find out more about it. Back to my story, I knew that the hotel is haunted. But why, the ‘thing’ have to disturb me and not the others living in the hotel?

So be careful, if u ‘land’ on the same hotel and same room as me, juz pray hard. For some tips, each time u are going to stay in a hotel, do bring along a tailsman in case u need it.

P.S. If u did encounter a ghost or some sightings, please don’t act ‘macho’. Pray and believe in your respective Gods, cause HE is the only one who can protect u.

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