Run Or Stay

My secondary call is quite scary at night, don`t even mention to say it is creepy in the day. As students in my school, can actually see outside people in my secondary school in the morning! well, i don want to mention the sch name. if not ppl wont go there to study. lolx It was quite a hit on me when I start to recall the incident that night, this happened in 2001. Let me recall. It was a NPCC campfire night in my school, 8 other school was also invited. The whole event was quite a success and everyone is having a great time sing, dancing, acting and cheering for the performing groups around the camp fire.

Finally, about 11.30pm the whole event comes to an end. Everyone starts to go home, chatting happy about the fun they had the night. Well.. the others are having fun but we have to clear up the place. Lucky K and myself were call up by my officer to do a rounding in the school compound, to see if anyone is still in the school loitering or (joking). As we are the NCOs, and the other NCO and cadets are cleaning up the place. So K and I arm ourselves with torchlight, baton and walkie-talkie, and went up floor by floor to see if there are any people still in the school.

Floor by floor, K and I checked. Finally, we reached the 3rd floor. We start to feel a little uneasy as most of the sightings in school come from the 3rd floor. As we looked at each other, we finally move on because our instructor radioed us to make things fast, as they had finished cleaning up and preparing to go home. As K and I reached another junction, I told K to take the right turn to block D and I take the left turn to block F and meet back at the same point in 10mins. After I finished block F, I went back to the same spot where I told K to come back. Standing alone in the night, the air hot and stiff. Sweat starts to form on my face, one minute has pass and K is not back yet. So I radio him asking if he is done,

K are you done at block C? N here over.

No reply(that is when everything starts).

K are you done at block C? N here over.

Still no reply

At this point of time I couldnt wait anymore. I slow jog across the eerie corridor of block C, flashing my torch light across the corridor to see if K is in the corridor. No.. He is not there. As I was about to radio to my instructor K is missing, I saw the girls washroom lights is turn on, as there were lights coming out underneath the door puzzled I decided to check it out. As I knock on the door

Knock.. knock..

Is anyone in there? K r u in there?

No reply..

I knock on the door again.


Anyone in there??

Still no reply..

Then I push open the door.. To my surprised! K is in there! But.. Something is amiss.. He seems to be staring at the mirror, looking at nothing. Then I said

K what are you doing in the girls washroom?? I thought I told you to meet up at the junction?

No reply from him then something horrible happens.. I saw a white skinny hand in red robe and long red fingernails, slowly reaching out for K behind him in the cubicle. As I saw this, dont know where I got the power to move so fast. I quickly grab by Ks shoulder, and pull him out of the hands reach and out of the girls washroom. Once out of the washroom, he started to regain conscious. But I know I have to act fast, before he say anything, I shouted to him, RUN! Then I pull him run down the stair of block C, along the way down, the lights turned on and off like those horror movies do. And we can still hear the door of the girls washroom closing with the most eerie creaking sound, with the high pitch laughter of the women. Before the door closed, we hear her said something that nearly make us pee in our pants.

Do come back boys

Man.. I really feel like get out of there as fast as I could.. As we reach the parade square where everyone is waiting for us, our instructor shouted at us, asking why we took so long to finish the rounding, and ask who we turn on and off the lights plus making hell lot of noise up there. Of course, we explain to him and the other instructors there. They looked so shock and offer to drive us home with their cars, the next day K and I fall sick and were ok 2 weeks later.

And the girls washroom was close and barricaded whenever there is any camp or campfire. Believe it or not, its your choice.

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