Sentosa White House

You heard of the white house at sentosa before ? Its a very old bungalow situated at the top of sentosa hill . My friends and I had a room at shangri-la because it was his birthday . So previously when we explored the white house , it was empty , all was cool , though i had quite a shock when i walked down the narrow staircase to the basement , and immediately facing me was an empty chair .

When night came , we decided to head off to the white house again to see if there really was a difference …. we went off in a group of 5 , already a big NO NO to visit haunted places in odd numbers . Then funny things started happening . We traced back our path but yet there was nothing where the house was supposed to be , just a patch of grass . We went back to the starting point and retraced again just to be sure , but still there was nothing to be seen where the house was supposed to be . We all found it strange because a house could not have vanished within a short while . We decided to walk ahead just a bit …. suddenly the house loomed in front of us , less than 6 metres away !! Can you believe it ? Even though the place was pitched black , 10m would still definitely be enough to see a HUGE house , yet it only became visible to us when we crossed the so-called ” border of trees ” .

We suspected that there was supernatural forces at work already and decided to head back . At this point of time , we noticed the 2 females with us kept staring at a lamppost in the distance . There was only one and it was glowing a strange hue of orange . Suddenly they just grabbed us and asked us to head back as fast as we could . Along the way , nobody talked , yet the girls were almost tripping over themselves in their hurry to get away from the place . Back at the hotel , I was talking to one of the girls while my other friend was discussing with the other girl about the incident . Till now none of the girls actually spoke to each other yet their faces were very pale . I pulled my friend till the balcony and to our shock , both their stories actually matched and this was what they said ..

They actually saw a female in white standing beside the lamppost beckoning at us to come , and the girls felt strangely drawn towards her and sensing something wrong quickly forced us away from the house . And for the whole journey back , the “ghost” actually followed us all the way back and was actually catching up that was why they quickened their pace , and that she only stopped following when we hit the beach towards shangri-la . If you want to visit the white house , I think its quite hard to because apparently they sealed off the whole jungle and rangers are always on patrol nowadays …

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