Someone Passing

I remember 1 day (couldn’t remember the date), my uncle and i went fishing at St John Island. As night came, we decided to make our move back home by my uncle’s speed boat. As we passes deeper sea our boat suddenly stopped as if it has life of it’s own. I asked my uncle what happened and he replied “Shhhh, dia nak lalu” which means “Shhhh, he’s passing through”. I couldn’t figure out what he meant until i heard a strange sound in the middle of the ocean. It sounds like something is trying to ripped apart a metal chain. The sound became louder and louder, nearer and nearer to us. Suddenly my uncle turn to me and say “Tengok tu, dia dah datang” which means “Look there, he has come”. What a shock i had when at first i saw a huge whirlpool a few meters away from us but the weird thing is nothing is being pulled towards it.

Suddenly a figure of a boy appeared just on top of the whirlpool. The boy was in a sitting position, head down with his hand and leg tied with metal chains, tied to a huge rusty rounded metal ball. The boy and the metal ball was circling round and round following the motion of the whirlpool. We could even hear him crying. The incident lasted for 5 min and everything disappeared in the mist of moonlight. Our boat start running back and we moved on. I tap my uncle’s shoulder and asked him what was that but he just turn to me with his finger on his lip and say “Shhh”, give me a devilished smile and face front. Till now he never tell me what was it that we saw….That Night….

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