Strange Student

It happened last 2005, 4yrs ago in one of the universities in Caloocan, Manilaâ?¦ I was 2nd year nursing student at that time. Our school had 3 or more morgues for us medical courses to use it, I think in each building it has 1 to 2 morgues usually located at the last floor of the building. That school is almost 100years old and some rumors says that some buildings are past nursing students dorm.

One day, my last subject at that time is chemistry and we will be dismissing at 9pm (seriously) â?¦too late for us to go home. Well, itâ?Ts ok no problem for me because there are 2 more classes besides us in the same building but after 2 weeks they dissolve the 2 classes I donâ?Tt know what happened. Anyway, my chemistry subject starts at 4pm-6pm then dinner break and resume at 7pm-9pm. While waiting for the 7pm schedule me together with my friends sat at the gazebo in front of our room. When suddenly I feel something looking at me from the 2nd floor of our building when I look up I saw a girl wearing in white with a long hair but her face was not clear no more lights at the 2nd floor at that time. No idea, confuse who is that girl I thought the guard closed the gate in the 2nd floor because I saw it when we went at CR. I canâ?Tt tell to my friends what I saw Iâ?Tm afraidâ?¦ I immediately go home after the class.

Next morningâ?¦ one of my friends ask me if I saw something yesterday at the 2nd floor of the building. I ask him why she is asking that, she told me that she also see that girl watching us, I got shocked and scared. Before we go home we went at the 2nd floor where we saw that strange girl. The place is so dirty we noticed 1 room but it is closed then the janitor came out. She told us it was closed 20yrs ago it was an old nursing student dorm, what happened we askâ?¦ she says that one nursing student commit a suicide and died at that dormâ?¦ That strange student was a nursing student ghost thatâ?Ts why we saw him in white dress uniform

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