Temasek Polytechnic

I was one of the orientation leaders for the freshmen orientation camp for my school. We were tasked to get the freshmen to know their classmates as much as possible during the whole course of the camp. We organised activities for them during the camp and one of them was the night walk.

Me and a few other friends were grouped together and were posted to Block 4 Level 4 and was tasked to setup the station for the freshmen. We took around 40 minutes to complete setting up the station and it look very eerie as it was dark and full of obstacles. Different classes then soon went to our station and we really freaked them out one by one! It was then the last class to go to our station. We decided that since it was the last class, let’s kick up a notch and make it even scarier than before.

The rooms in the block are locked and we can only access the corridor for our station. Hence, we asked the class to line up outside one of the rooms. We then asked them, one by one, to look inside the room. Obviously, there isn’t anyone in the room as it was locked, but for the fun of it, one of my friend asked each one of them whether they see anything inside. Turn by turn, they looked inside, and with the question asked by my friend, every single one of them answered no and moved to the front to wait for the whole class to finish. Then, it was this girl’s turn to look inside. She looked and answered no. A few seconds later, she said yes. She turned to me, covered her face and started crying. I was shocked and quickly ask the ones that have finished looking inside the room to proceed out of the corridor. Me and another friend then asked the girl what happened but she was too scared to even utter a word. Her friend then told us that she saw a black figure crawling on the table inside the room. But, each and every one of her classmate didn’t see anything. Including me and my friends. And furthermore, the room is locked and there isn’t anyway that anyone could enter the room.

After hearing what she saw, we asked the whole class to come out of the corridor and we called it a night and apologised to all of them for what happened. We then had to clean up our station. We slowly cleared everything in the corridor and by the time we know it we were cleaning the area outside the room that the girl saw something inside. As we were cleaning and talking with each other, the lights in the corridor suddenly switched off. Yes, it switched off. The whole corridor went dark. And there isn’t any switch to switch off the whole lights for the corridor except for the main switch which isn’t located anywhere nearby the corridor. We panicked but remained calm and walked out the corridor slowly.

Me and my friend was too afraid to even enter the corridor again. So, we had the other orientation leaders to do it for us. To this day, this will still spook me as it can’t be a coincident. What was in that room? We will never know.

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