Blk 265 Bishan Street 24

This happened in 1995. I was staying in a flat in Bishan blk 265 back then.

It was a rainy, stormy night and it was one of those night that I cant sleep. So I went to the kitchen and make a cup of Milo before sitting on the sofa at the living room. I was planning to watch some video tapes.

My younger brother was in primary school and he had this habit of covering himself in his huge blanket from head to toe and waking me up at night to accompany him to go to toilet. From his room he had to walk pass the living room to get to the toilet which was located at the kitchen.

On that night, as usual he walk out from his room totally covering in blanket and walked past the living room where I was towards the kitchen toilet. I was already awake and sitting down on the sofa watching TV in the living room so he didn’t ask me to accompany him because maybe he didn’t feel that scared.

Funny I thought, as tonight he didn’t switch on the kitchen and the toilet light like he always did on other nights. But I just ignore him anyway. It was until I felt sleepy and decided to switch off the video tape and TV before proceeding to my bedroom. I then suddenly realized that my younger brother still had not came back from the toilet.

Or maybe he had went back to his room, but I didn’t noticed. So I peered in his bedroom and found his bed was empty. By this time the whole house was dark for I had switched off the light. I then went to the kitchen expecting he will called out to me for ‘leaving him alone there’ in the dark.

When I switched on the kitchen light, I found him, my younger brother, still totally covered in blanket standing outside the toilet.” Are you done? Come lets sleep.” I said to him.But he just stood there and didn’t move.

“Whats wrong?” I went to him and pulled the blanket to take a look at his face, and had the shocked of my life!Because underneath that blanket which I thought was my brother covering himself, was actually nothing!There was nothing underneath that blanket at all! Only empty spaces!

So I tried to keep calm and turn back and proceed towards my bedroom. I just left the blanket at the kitchen floor. The distance at that moments towards my room seems like a long one, for I could felt somebody or something behind me still looking at me.After I reached my bedroom, I quickly closed and locked the door and went to my bed. Not daring to look outside.

The next morning, I asked my younger brother whether he went to the toilet last night. He said no.

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