The Harbour

There is a place to repair boat in the jurong area last time. I did not know this story until my uncle who works there last time told me about that. If you the chinese putting offering in the GHOST MONTH and having auctions about lucky items. If u see properly, there will be a god that they pray to everytime in GHOST MONTH. I not sure of the name of the god but my uncle told me that the god is in charge of the ghost.

One day in the port, a troup of people “invite” the god to another port as something strange happened to another port. So the god was “invited” away and just at that night. The caretaker was sleeping when he dreamt of 2 women floating towards him. I was told that the caretaker say ” Tell me what u want and i will burn it to u ” So the caretaker burn what the 2 ghost wants and the next day, they quickly invite the god back to the port and nothing strange happen anymore ….

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