The Needlework Room Mystery

A Little Info
The Needle work room is on the 3rd floor of the old block in my secondary school. It’s on the same floor as the F&N rooms. Downstairs [floors 1 and 2] are the D&T studios. The empty space outside the D&T studios on the first floor [cause it’s shaped like a square] is the art workspace. The windows for the Needlework room are tinted black – if you want to look inside, you have to bring your face to the window and look inside. Even if the lights inside are on.

A Cleaner’s Experience
Now, there is this cleaner who decided to retire. She isn’t working anymore. Anyway, she lives really near the school, and she can see the school from her house. She’ll turn off the light in the Needlework room, but every time she looks at the school from her house, the lights are on. She’s kinda curious about it, but she reckoned that maybe some playful students or maybe teachers used the rooms after she cleaned it and forgot to off the lights.

So one day, she was cleaning the 3rd floor first. As usual, she turned off the lights. She then went downstairs to clean and such. When she reached the 1st floor and started cleaning the art space, she looked up and saw that the lights are on. AGAIN. Thing is, no one went up. So why was the lights on? She got curious and decided to go up to investigate. So she went up to the Needlework room again, where the light was still on. So she brought her face to the windows to look inside, only to see..

.. A pair of eyes staring back at her. She was so freaked out, she packed up and went home straight. She retired some time after that I think.

Friend A’s Experience
Friend A Can see spirits. She’s in the art steam, taking art. Once, it was evening when she walked past the needlework room. She looked in and saw a lady with long hair, totally in black, sitting down and sewing. Sounds right, right? Well, it isn’t. Cause even though she’s sewing, her whole hands are filled with blood.

Friend B’s Experience
Friend B cannot see spirits. Okay, the upper secondary uses the old block. If it’s a rainy day [or the floor is wet], the upper sec will go to class straight while the lower sec will go to the hall. As such, you can enter the class as early as you want [provided that the school and the General Office are open]. So, Friend B comes to school really early. It was a day where the floor was wet, so she went up to class straight. She wasn’t alone – some of her classmates were with her as well. But after entering her class, she got bored and decided to go outside for a bit. She looked out at the 3rd floor, where she saw a student running along the path. The most brilliant thing? The student was running at the same spot. Even after very long.

My Personal Experience
Okay, in my Sec 4 year, we had night classes every now and then. Friend C got really curious about the needlework room after hearing the stories, so she suggested going there to check it out after the night class. I was fine with it, so I agreed. We pulled another 4-6 people along with us.

After the night class, everyone was really excited about going to check it out. But somehow, I had a bad feeling and was really reluctant [because like Friend A, I also can see spirits]. Friend C got really impatient cause we were debating whether we should go or not [cause the gate will be locked after 10 min upon dismissal], and ran straight up the stairs. I was worried for her, cause she was going alone. So I chased after her, and everyone else followed us.

Now, the staircases are the rectangle types, where you have to turn after a short flight of stairs. We had our night class at the new block, and the only thing connecting us to the old block was the hall which leads to the D&T Studios if you walk straight, which was on the 2nd floor. Remember that the needlework room is on the 3rd floor? Next to the D&T Studios is a flight of stairs which leads to the needlework room straight. Friend C ran up the stairs, and I chased after her. She was much faster than me, and was quite ahead of me. But she was still within sight. As I turned and headed for the last flight of stairs, I saw what Friend A described – a girl with long hair that’s totally black in colour. She was standing at the top of the stairs, next to the window, staring at me. And she was near friend C! When I looked again, she was gone. The rest of the gang soon caught up. I ran and again, we were debating if we should continue. I was really freaked out already, and was really jumpy. All I wanted to do was to go away from that place. Friend C can’t see spirits, and she didn’t notice anything wrong. She wanted to continue running to the needlework room, but I grabbed her arm and told her to just go back, and that I’ll explain everything later. She was reluctant at first, but when she saw that I was so freaked out, she agreed to leave.

After we left, we went for supper together – the whole group of us.I told them what I saw, and they were all spooked. But I wasn’t the only one who noticed something that’s unusual. There were only 2 guys in the group who went, the rest were all girls. The pathway was lit by lamps, so there should be this orange glow, right? But what the 2 guys saw was that the path was gray and was really misty. The other girls felt really uneasy, and as if something was there. But I was the only one who actually saw.

I was so freaked out that night, I didn’t dare go home myself. We shared a cab home.

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