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I was awake one night, thinking about the day’s events. My bed had been repositioned to face the window and one side was placed against the wall.

I stared hard at the wall, frustrated that i couldn’t sleep. The next minute i felt something scratch my right foot. “A beetle,” I thought and continued staring at the wall. I felt another scratch, this time on my left foot. (i used to sleep without a blanket) All of a sudden, I felt someone take a step onto my bed. I felt the matress depress under the weight of “it”. I called out my baby brother’s name, thinking it was him. It hit on me then that no one had entered the room. (I should know cos the door was right behind me)

I don’t know why but i closed my eyes tightly.

Anyway, i was beginning to freak out and got ready to bolt when i felt this immense pressure, pushing down on me. I was paralyzed, i couldn’t move a muscle, not even to shout!

Boy, was i scared. All this time i was facing the wall to my right.

The next thing that happened gave me recurring nightmares. I felt this “presence” lying on top of me and i could feel its head right beside my exposed neck! It was breathing heavily down on my neck. Hell, was i frightened! I started to scream verses in my mind, praying furiously, all the Quranic verses that i’d memorised. But when i started to recite in my head one particular verse(the Surah Yaasin which i had memorised), i got stuck halfway. Then, i heard the “thing” laugh at me. Belive me it wasn’t FUNNY! Its voice was very deep and sinister. It then said something which sounded like muffles to me; i couldn’t make it out. It was in another language alien to me.

I wished i was dreaming but i could still here my brother typing outside.

I resumed praying, only more careful to “pronounce” the words carefully in my head. The pressure slowly lifted. Once i knew it was gone, i ran out of my room! True enough, my brother was outside typing his report. I was dumbstruck. Couldn’t utter a word.

My brother asked me why i ran out of my room. He added that my face was frightfully pale. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” were his exact words.

Heh, easy for him to say!

I crashed with my parents for the rest of the week after that incident!

Well, i’ve moved to my new house, also in Pasir Ris and recently, i’ve felt the presence again. Sometimes as often as once a week. I don’t know what it wants or why it came back, but i’ve not told my parents – yet.

I just pray that i won’t be harmed by it. I hope.

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