Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Blk 4

Hi, this is my first time submitting my very first story of many. I had experienced encounters since young till now, just those unexplained encounters. I do not know whether I keep this to myself, but my friend insist to tell the tales of the untold just for the thrill of it.

I remember I was 5yrs old and staying with my parents at Blk 4, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, 2nd floor. It was those old one room rental flats and now it had been demolished to build new flats. When my dad had to leave for Indonesia, I was sad because my dad’s friend had past away. He would come here and bought me alot of toys, he was so fond of me and asked my dad to bring me along to visit him. The telegram that my parents receive, just filled the room with total silent.

My dad left for Indonesia, leaving my mom and me at home. He told us to closed the door after 1900hrs, and don’t opened the door after that. I don’t know why but when I look at the time, it was 0000hrs… I busy playing with my toys and my mom was cleaning the kitchen, when I smell fragrance of flowers coming from outside the house. My mom too smell the fragrance and she was unsure. Suddenly we heard 3 knocking on the door, I lied on the floor and through the narrow gap, just right below my door. But there was no shadows of any feet…then its knocks again. At the 3rd knocking, the fragrance slowly fade way and there was no knocking after that.

My dad returned home and we told him everything what actually happened, my dad just smile. I was confused and my dad explained that when he reached there, the family members were doing nothing of preparation to the body. So my dad was angry that he himself prepare the ritual and when the body was being buried, he could feel that his friend might wants to say something before he died. So my dad tells me that maybe he could not reached out to him, so he visits us at home…

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