Voluntary Guard

Feeling excited that they were now college students, these three girls wanted to explore the campus and find out everything about it. It was only the first day of campus life for Jamie, Ani and Sue Ying. They were staying in-campus and by nightfall, they were so free and bored they decided to explore the campus by their own.

As they were walking around the huge college campus, they met a senior who stopped and talked to them. As some areas were not brightly lighted and it was a rather old campus, some areas had a reputation as being haunted. Not wanting to scare them, the senior just told them it’s dangerous for them to wander around by themselves as they may easily get lost in the huge campus.

The three of them pretended to listen to the senior’s advice but once he turned around, they continued their exploration. A few short minutes later, they saw another senior. As they walked pass the senior, they noticed he was actually the same person as before.

“This can’t be right! He was walking towards the opposite direction from us earlier. How could he ended up being here now?!” ask Jamie.

“Maybe we had been circling this area without realising it. So, we ended up meeting him again. After all, we are not very familiar with this place yet,” Ani sounds convinced.

“But I am very sure we had not made any turn just now and it was merely a few short minutes ago. He could not have went back there and come from that direction again in such short period of time!” said Sue Ying as she pointed right ahead of them.

“And this time, he didn’t even bother to tell us to go back to our hostel,” said Jamie. “Could it be…..?”

Ani and Sue Ying looked at each other and then stared at Jamie. Without another word, they walked away as fast as possible. Nonetheless, being new to the area, they got lost quickly.

As they were frantically searching for the way back to their hostel, they met another student who looked rather old and untidy. Without a choice, they had to approach this man and ask for directions. The man, contrary to his look, was very friendly indeed. He showed them clearly how to get back to their hostel. After they thanked him, he asked, “You girls saw something strange tonight, did you not?”

Jamie told him what happened and the man then told them the senior they met were actually an old student who had passed away some time ago. According to him, the male student now haunts the campus. However, he does not harm others but merely helps any student who may needs his help.

They were somewhat frightened by the man’s story but was relief it was a ‘friendly ghost’. Jamie suggested they go to the library on the next day and check out about this guy.

The next day, the three of them found something in the library that was probably more shocking than the man’s story. Apparently, the senior student they met were actually not really ‘student’ but ‘students’. They were, in fact, twin brothers who are still alive and studying in the college. However, the shocking truth is that the man who told them the story was, in fact, an old student who had passed away not too long ago inside the campus. Rumours have it that he now haunts the college campus helping students who got into trouble at night.

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