7 lessons from renting out to China(prc),Indian ,Bangladesh & Malaysians Indian citizens

reasons why i do not rent out to China,Indian ,Bangladesh & Malaysians Indian citizens

The above is an example of another landlord who is like me… 

Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but these are my lessons from renting out to Indians, China, Malaysians, Indian ladies and Bangladesh people over the past 10 years. I know that not every person from that nationality is the same. I am a chindian born in Singapore thus I do not have any hatred towards any race or religion. I have added my advice as well so you all do not have to go through the pain and shame like me. My aim is for other singaporeans not to suffer like me due to this idiotic tenants. 

1) Indian and Bangladeshi tenants talk a lot and loudly thus disturbing other tenants. I initially stayed in my own house but I could not take after my Indian and Bangladeshi tenants spoke loudly even though I told them many times not to talk loudly. I gave them 1 month’s notice and ask to find another place. I am not sure if people in Indian cannot hear if they speak quietly. I realised they do it in the mrts as well. I realised Indian and Bangladeshi tenants tend to say “ok” and shake their head to everything told initially but do not follow what was told. So please get someone who speaks in their language to explain the house rules clearly. Please consider before giving to E pass holders who are Indians. These people think that they run our country and tend to be rude but their English cannot make it, especially their spelling. I always wonder which dumb head singapore director hired them to work in Singapore.

2) Indian tenants like to demand cooking but they never clean up properly. This happened when I rented out to Indian tenants. I do not mind the smell but they do not clean the stove and sink area properly after cooking. If we tell them, they simply said it is too small to be seen and other bulls..t excuses. One time they even forgot to off the gas after cooking as they were talking on the phone and went back to their room after cooking. Luckily my wife smell the gas and immediately went to check on it. Luckily my hdb flat did not burn down that day…

3) I am not sure about the practice in India but they wore slippers in the houses initially until we told them strictly not to. We have a small Buddhist shrine in the hall area but they just walked past it as if it is nothing. Haizzz

4)  My experience with Malaysian Indian ladies is extremely bad. All the 4 tenants became extreme rowdies when we told them to pack out after 6 months of their lease. They spewed some vulgarities in their language and damaged at least one item like a chair in the room before going off. I had to even call the police once after she insisted that she could stay as she wanted to extend the lease. All of them turned on Aircon when not in their room when I told them not to. Their reasoning is that they wanted their room to be cold when they came back from work and they are paying for it as well. So much for saving the environment and the $700 they pay for it..

5) The time when I had Chinese tenants, I was wondering if it was their house or mine. They will talk loud and sit in our hall sofas to watch their drama on our TV. The best part is when I caught them letting another unregistered China man sleep in their room without my knowledge. I caught them red handed when I saw them sneak out quietly in the early morning for work. When asked, they said it is their friend who stayed over for a few nights and argued they pay rental for the whole room so it is ok in their view. I understand their brotherhood but this is not good for houseowners so I asked them to get out in a week.

6) The one thing which I hate a lot is getting drunk and creating a scene. It is not only a nuisance to us but to our neighbours. My friend had Malaysian Indians and Indian Indians in her house for rental once. They literally broke some items and created a scene in the house after getting drunk. Luckily she had installed CCTV in the house to record their acts. They acted and spoke as if nothing happened when asked the next morning by saying they just slipped and fell thus breaking items. She showed them their acts which range from screaming,leaving the water tap on and forgetting to lock the gates. She told them to leave within 1 month if not she will be calling the police. After hearing that incident, I will always state clearly that no alcohol drinking and partying is allowed in my house.

7) The reason we rent out is because we need money for expenses but Indian tenants tend not to pay on dot.To me time is money, the last thing i want to do each month is to call up my housing agent and ask why the tenant has not paid or whatsapp the tenants then wait for a reply pathetically even though it is my house. One time they try to pull a fast one with me by skipping the final month rental. Unfortunately for them, they mess with the wrong landlord. I told them I will call the police and  haul them to court over unpaid rent.

Hope my confession helps another fellow Singaporean who wants to rent out a room for extra money like me! 🙂

Please note not every person from that nationality is the same and I do not have any hatred towards any race or religion.




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