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Any couples who chose not to have kids don’t mind sharing your experiences

I.e. Do you regret the decision in some way or form?

P.S. 22 y/o male here, that’s planning to stay child free in the foreseeable future

Those who are supportive of having kids:

  • It should be a joint decision between you and your partner. Follow both your hearts too.
  • The regret for not having kids only comes into your body and soul during the late forties. Before forties, you have work, friends and family to keep you busy. That’s where you see those 40ish couples going for kids adoption.
  • A child is a joy.
  • If u dunwanna kid then dun hv a kid. No1 forces u. But dun wait till too late then chg your mind.

Those who are not supportive of having kids:

  • Really school holidays is it, so many things to think about, you think about this…
  • There’s nothing more selfish in this life than having a child. You are taking a person who doesn’t exist and forcing a lifetime on him/her without him/her having any say in the matter.
  • Young man, if you are adamant about being child free, and you are heterosexual then go for a vasectomy. The procedure costs about $1000 if arranged through a Polyclinic and is Medisave claimable.
  • Child-free and very happy. If you can’t stand having your current lifestyle upended, better don’t entertain the thought of it. It’s also a form of social responsibility that you don’t bring unwanted kids into this world and contribute to the delinquency stats.
  • Kid = more stress, education fees, insurance fees, medical fees, food and more bills and etc

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