7 Most Haunted Malaysian Properties

Are you sure you want to venture into these places? Best not to go poking about where there’s the supernatural… unless you want to be scared out of your minds, or worse!

What makes a house haunted? No one knows for sure, because supernatural activities are hard to prove.

Most people who have reported hauntings in their homes would often say that one has to experience these phenomena firsthand to believe they can happen.

But what we do know is that haunted houses are residential or commercial properties in which cases of death, often grim in nature, had previously occurred.

There’s even an official real estate term to refer to these sites, and it’s stigmatised properties.

Now that we’ve got you curious, here are seven most haunted properties in Malaysia that you should not ever visit… unless you want to be scared out of your minds.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1) Villa Nabila

Located in Johor Bahru, Villa Nabila comes with its very own blood-curdling history. Once occupied by wealthy inhabitants, it is now a dreadful sight to behold with an even more horrifying content.

Some say its haunting, which began with its owners’ gruesome deaths, has its origins in a robbery. In contrast, others would cite a killing spree that some jealous relatives had orchestrated by hiring hitmen.

There were even accounts in which the father reportedly spiraled into a rage that resulted in him killing his family, after losing his mind to financial difficulties.

Whichever version of the story that chills your bones more, the constant remained the same: the family who lived there had a daughter named Nabila, from whom the villa gets its famous name.

2) Mona Fandey’s house

Who could forget the story of Mona Fandey? Her name is forever etched in Malaysian history as the singer-turned-bomoh who gruesomely killed politician Mazlan Idris during a magical ritual in 1993.

Apparently, she had him convinced that she would be able to grant him power and wealth, but ended up killing him and chopping him into 18 pieces (of which she buried in her own yard)!

Much of her notorious activities as a black practitioner took place at her bungalow house in Shah Alam’s Seksyen 12.

The case which held the 18 pieces. Photo Credit: Berita Harian

Moments before her execution in 2001, she exclaimed that she would never die. We often wonder if this is why her house, which is still untouched today, is reportedly haunted. 

Even the bravest ghostbusters and supernatural investigators out there have said that the abandoned house still contains unbelievably dark energy in it.

And we don’t think the situation will ever change, since it holds the title of one of the most stigmatised properties in Malaysia.

Save for the ghost hunters, no one dares to come near enough to do something about it, let alone LIVE in it.

3. Mimaland

A look at the Mimaland in Gombak now and you wouldn’t believe that it was once a thriving water theme park.

After its ultimate shutdown in 1994, it’s been left alone to decay, with no hopes of a revival. No word on whether the park is haunted or not, since no one has reported any ghost sighting. 

But there’s no denying its creepiness. Word has it, the site it’s built on is cursed. How come? Mimaland has experienced bad luck from start to end.

The park has experienced multiple disasters that began with the freaky death of a Singaporean tourist and ended in a landslide that destroyed its big pool in the early 90s.

Since it ceased operations, the derelict site has since been overtaken by vine-led wilderness that makes for a ghastly view.

4. Kellie’s Castle

The spookiness behind this sprawling Ipoh-based estate can be likened to the gothic horror genius that often oozes out of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s mind.

After all, the castle’s history is rooted in romance, tragedy, and mystery all at once. It was built by William Kellie-Smith as a symbol of his love for his wife and family.

But its development took place along a series of bad situations, from the failed businesses in his early days to his tragic end in Lisbon at 56.

Too heartbroken to claim the property in Malaya, his wife and kids decided to leave it behind. And so, the castle has since been abandoned.

But even in its quiet being, there was no stopping the ghostly tales that later shroud it. Rumour has it, the castle, whose hidden passageways are long and dark, was once used by Japanese invaders to torture and kill their prisoners.

Others have claimed to have seen the spirit of Smith himself roaming in the building’s second-floor (perhaps he was too attached to it not to have ‘stayed’ in Lisbon).

Some even claimed that floating spirits there belonged to the Tamil workers who helped build the entire site and died from the Spanish flu.

5. Highland Towers

There cannot be a list of haunted properties without mentioning the Highland Towers. Those who were old enough to remember 1993 and live to tell the tale today will no doubt remember the buildings’ tragic collapse that ended up killing 48 lives late that year.

 Located in Bukit Antarabangsa, the abandoned buildings were scarred by vandalism and marred by illegal activities over the years.

But it’s hardly surprising, considering that it’s one of the most derelict locations in the country, both in looks and energy. 

Ghost hunters who have explored the towers have reported countless scary encounters, many of which involved an old lady and a baby.

Unsurprisingly, two of the people killed in the towers’ collapse were a 77-year-old grandmother and an 8-month-old infant.

There have been plans to demolish the towers in recent years, but they have been postponed for various reasons.

With the health pandemic overshadowing everything this year, the tower may remain intact for a while longer, which many ghost hunters in Kuala Lumpur will be glad to know.

6. 99-Door Mansion

The story of this mansion is similar to that of Villa Nabila, in that it involved gruesome killings. But it has a dark twist of its own with black magic. Stop reading if you’re one of the faint-hearted!

Darkness tainted the mansion when John St Maur Ramsden, the grandson of the family living there, met his demise at the hands of hitmen that his jealous relatives had hired.

He was shot in the back of his head, according to local lore. Things took for a graver turn when his entire family was later killed during the Japanese invasion.

But no, that’s not even the entire twist of the story. The horror only began to truly peak when a witch doctor took over the huge mansion, who claimed that the area surrounding the house “wants” back the land on which the house was built.

As if that’s not macabre enough, the witch doctor had a habit of regularly summoning demons via his black magic ways.

The gateway he had created as a result of his practice had apparently created a gateway through which evil can roam throughout the mansion, long after his death.

Those who dare visit it would leave way before the sundown. Because once the sun has set, the house will be filled with all kinds of hair-raising sounds and sights that call the term “demonic” to mind.

7. Jalan Turi bungalow

As with the cases of other stigmatised properties, the haunting of the Jalan Turi Bungalow has origins in murder.

But unlike them, the killings that took place inside this house was an inside job. Two of the original family’s children along with their maid was brutally killed by their very own bodyguard. No official word on how he did it, but there are some stories that he had used rocks.

Many sources have also said that he had likely chopped them into pieces in the same way that Mona Fandey ended Mazlan Idris.

The only difference is he ended up throwing their remains in a septic tank in the backyard.

With such a history, it’s no wonder why even the mention of Jalan Turi would incite fear among Bangsar locals. So curb your curiosity to visit the house if you know what’s good for you!

Now, house hunting or house haunting?

With all this talk on haunted properties in Malaysia, have you ever wondered: What if you unknowingly land on a dream house that turns out to have a dark history, just like any of the ones above?

Turns out it’s easier to brush off fears of haunted properties when you’re not unknowingly buying them! This can actually happen and has been the subject of heated debates in real estate.

Luckily for you, we have in our possession a go-to guide that covers the legalities surrounding the purchase and selling of stigmatised properties in Malaysia. 

Yup, we’ve got your back… physically, at least.

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